Top Fashion Tips For Men

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6. Stay a notch above – Don’t overdo it to a fault, but dare to take some risks. It’s always better to be a little bit overdressed than underdressed in any setting. All you have to do is think about where and who you’re going to be with and just step it up one notch. But make sure you’re not better dressed than someone who is more important in a certain setting, like your boss.

7. Never underestimate the power of details – The last thing on is usually the first thing noticed. So mind the details instead of throwing together the main parts of your outfit.

8. Invest in a superb pair of shoes – If it’s one thing that women will notice, it’s your shoes. Especially how clean and sharp they look. It’s easy to wash and press the rest of your clothes to keep them looking new, but most guys disregard their shoes.

9. Fashion Tees with logos – When you’re going around with a big logo on your shirt, you risk looking like a walking billboard.

10. Disregard trends – Beware of buying something just because it’s “in” right now – stick to what you truly like. A lot of people rush to get in on the latest trend and end up with a bunch of clothes they don’t wear. It’s better to learn to build a versatile and timeless wardrobe first – then bring in your own twists with some of the new fashion.

11. Don’t be a sucker for brand names – Before you decide to purchase an item, ask yourself if you are buying it simply because of the brand name or because you love the quality and style. Ask yourself,  “Would I buy this if there was no logo on it?”

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12. Continually cultivate your image – Invest more time and money into your image. Cultivate your fashion sense. Your style is a huge mode of communication, and is worth caring for as much as your education, career, and relationships. Oscar Schoffler, longtime fashion editor of Esquire once said, “Never underestimate the power of what you wear. After all, there’s just a small bit of yourself sticking out at the collar and cuff. The rest of the world sees what you drape on your frame.”

13. Ask for real feedback – Most of your friends and family aren’t going to go out of their way to tell you what looks bad. You have to ask for it. In fact, ask anyone and everyone you trust to tell you the truth. Ask your hairstylist, ask your best friend, ask your mother!

14. Upgrade your shave – Even if your fashion is golden, an unkempt beard can be an attraction killer. Learn how to achieve a professional shave by trying a quality multi-blade disposable razor with foam. I compared the Gillette MACH 3 disposable razor to a double-edged razor. I tried a few brands in the double-edge but the disposable produced a smoother shave and it burned less.

15. Experiment with style – The only way you’ll really learn, is if you go out there and try new things. I make an effort to try something completely out of my comfort zone whenever I’m at a store – many times you’ll end up loving something you never thought you would. If you make mistakes, life goes on. So many guys are afraid to express themselves through their style, don’t be one of them.

16. Wear a tee shirt – Wear a plain white tee shirt under every shirt you wear, whether it’s a golf/polo shirt, a dress shirt, or for the purposes of this article, what I call the outer shirt. A tee shirt under every shirt protects the outer shirt by absorbing perspiration and deodorant stains. The tee takes the punishment instead of the outer shirt. When soiled, simply wash the tees with the other laundry. The outer shirts last longer and don’t get perspiration stains. It’s easier on the wallet to throw out and replace inexpensive tee shirts then the outer shirt. Do you wear underpants? Same concept goes for the upper body; just different bodily fluids. The collar type can be crew-neck if you’re wearing an outer shirt that you button up, or a v-neck if you don’t (a MensWear2Go extra).

The Highly Fashionable Black Suit

The fall of a black suit coat from the shoulder to the hip is particularly important:  to flatter the wearer, a black jacket should always taper gently at the waist, keeping the man from looking like a solid wall.   The suit should never be tight enough to pinch or wrinkle when it moves, nor loose enough to fold or billow on its own.

Since a black suit is already inherently formal, it makes an excellent color for a vested or a double-breasted suit.  Either option will usually be executed in patterned black rather than sheer; the visual effect of monochrome black wool over the entire front of the body tends to be too overpowering.

The added elegance of a three-piece or double-breasted suit more than compensates for the informality of patterning, keeping the suit appropriate for all business-dress occasions.  Upward-sweeping peak-style lapels on the jacket is another excellent option that adds a bit of motion to the visual impression, keeping it lively despite the “weight” of the color.

Matching a Black Men’s Suit with Colors

At their most formal, black suits are worn with a plain white shirt and a black tie.

In practical terms the full formality is rarely called for — a man might want to observe it at a funeral, or when the suit is being worn in place of a tuxedo at a “black tie optional” event, but otherwise the options for dress shirts and ties have some flexibility to them.

Patterns with a white base keep the formality high while breaking up the stark visual impression, making them common in shirts for business wear; un-patterned shirts in brighter colors contrast with the black to make a vibrant look suitable for evening entertainment and social events.

Black in large quantities can be overwhelming on men with pale complexions, particularly “low contrast” men who have lighter skin and lighter hair and eye colors.

A fair-skinned man with dark hair can manage the contrast of a light shirt and black suit without difficulty, but a blonde with the same skin is going to appear somewhat washed-out, particularly under any kind of fluorescent lighting (which has an unfortunate tendency to turn lighter colors slightly purple or greenish).

Low-contrast men will look best if they pair black with dark solids, or simply opt for an extremely deep charcoal instead.

Black pairs equally well with gold or silver metallics, but will look gaudy with both at the same time.  Be sure that the watch, belt buckle, tie clip, and any other metal adornments match when wearing black.

Men with glasses should keep the tint of their frames in mind; most eyeglasses will register as either golden or silvery enough to be a mis-match with the other color.

The Debate – Should Men buy a Black Suit?

There is quite a bit of discussion as to whether or not a black suit is a smart color choice for a man’s suit.

The arguments are that black should be reserved for and is not a traditional suit color, that black is difficult to match, limits accessories, and that black is too stark of a color to work with most men’s features.  Some of these are solid points – others, less so.

As you can guess, my stance is that a black suit has a place in a man’s wardrobe; however as previously pointed out it is not the best suit color for men whose complexion and needs call for lighter shades.

A tan skinned, dark haired man can pull of the contrast a black suit and white shirt combination requires;  his red-headed and pale completed friend on the other hand is going to look better in clothing that doesn’t compete with his face for attention.

As for the other arguments – not traditional and hard to accessorize – I answer times have changed and if you can’t accessorize than you lack imagination and haven’t put enough thought into it.  The fact is the black suit is one of the three most popular fabric choices for men looking to purchase a first suit – to simply sign it off as poor judgment ignores the reality that men freely choose this option.  Thus men everywhere have spoken with their actions.

Conclusion:  The Importance of Owning a Black Suit

Because of its intense visual impression and the occasional challenges of matching it, a black suit is not the best choice for a man who needs one suit for rare special occasions.  A charcoal gray or a navy blue offers more versatility for nearly the same level of formality.

That said, black makes an excellent suit for anyone who expects to regularly attend serious or formal events, or who simply needs a little extra visual weight and authority in his wardrobe.  If you already have a suit in your wardrobe and it’s looking like a second would be a worthwhile investment, a black suit may be your next step.