Fundamental Style Skills | 10 Techniques Every Stylish Man Should Master

Master-Fundamental-Style-Skills-tallI know you’ve been here because I have…

On your way to a meeting with the boss…in line for a promotion…

But you can’t get your tie to hold a dimple.

You notice a massive crease in your shirt sleeve

You’ve got a bad scuff on your dress shoes…you don’t have 30 minutes to shine them up.

So much for your chances right?


Most of the essential skills that men need to look their sharpest are quick and easy.

I’m going to show you 10 fundamental style skills every man should master…

If you do, these tricks will help you put out style “fires” before they start.


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Mens-Necktie-Half-Windsor-KnotStyle Skill #1 ? Half-Windsor Tie Knot

The Half-Windsor? It’s a medium-sized tie knot which forms a Inice symmetrical triangle. But that doesn’t make the necktie too flashy. It’s still business-appropriate.

Since the knot is smaller than a full Windsor, it’s compatible with button-down, medium spread or point collars. So imagine the flexibility of knowing how to tie it…and it’ll work great for either corporate functions or your friends’ weddings.

The good news: a Half-Windsor is relatively quick and easy to do. Start with the wide end longer than the narrow end. Cross the wide over the narrow before you let it pass behind and go through the neck opening. Cross it in front of the narrow end, going under and up through the neck opening, and slip it through the loop you just formed. Hold the narrow end and push the knot up to your neck.

Sounds confusing? You don’t have to rely on verbal instructions. Check out this infographic plus a step-by-step guide to the Half Windsor knot.


mens-necktie-dimpleStyle Skill #2 ? Perfect Necktie Dimple

Not everyone can smile and show off attractive dimples…do you want to know how to compensate for a dimple-less face?

Make use of necktie dimples. Trust me…they really add more character to your formal and casual outfits by showing the world your attention to detail.

Start by tying whatever tie knot you like. Then right before you pull down to tighten it at the end, simply pinch the fabric of the knot to create a “W” shape. With everything locked in place ? the dimple stays put all day.


scarf-knot-parisian-george-clooneyStyle Skill #3 ? Parisian Scarf Knot

Scarves can be tricky. While they’re supposed to keep you warm during winter when you’re strolling outside…you don’t want them placed around your neck clumsily.

So all scarf-wearers should learn the Parisian knot. It’s an easy-peasy knot that makes your scarf perfectly functional and stylish. No fuss, tangles or loose ends to worry about.

You can tie the Parisian for a long wool scarf (better if 70+ inches) to get the best results. Fold the scarf in half lengthwise. Hold the looped end with one hand and the two loose ends with the other.

Wrap the scarf around your neck, threading the loose ends through the loop. Then pull them down to secure the knot. Neat, warm, and charming! And that’s just one of several manly ways to tie a scarf. So don’t undervalue this item.


Style Skill #4 ? Quick Shoe Shine

Some of you might question this one. It’s such a straightforward task that nobody would get it wrong. Well…not exactly.


The first step is actually brushing the dirt off your dress shoes, skipping this step means you’re actually sealing all the dirt and harmful chemicals ONTO the leather. You need a good horsehair brush to clean out the dirt, grime, and old shoe polish residue. Then you proceed with the polishing (using an old white cloth).

The best way of shoe-shining is to do small circular strokes. When that’s finished, buff the shoes using the brush once more. Maintain a light pressure while buffing the leather. This lets the new polish come out looking as consistent as possible.


iron-mens-dress-shirt-perfectlyStyle Skill #5 ? Ironing A Dress Shirt

No one likes ironing shirts but if you care about style as much as I do…you already know how important it is. Did you know you can iron strategically?

It’s all a routine that takes getting used to. You turn on the iron with the right heat setting. Pour in distilled water. Start with the back of the collar (going from the ends towards the center). Then the sleeves (flatten the cuffs on the ironing board). Then the back (where you’ll reposition the shirt a few times).

Smooth the fabric to prevent creases. Spray distilled water to undo the tougher ones. Then transition to the shoulders before turning the shirt over to the front. Iron the buttons and pockets carefully. Then end with the front of the collar.

But you also need to understand how much heat is required to iron specific dress shirts. There are different temperatures for cotton, silks, wools, and shirts made from synthetic material. That’s why you can refer to this ultimate shirt ironing guide which expands on the topic.


Style Skill #6 ? Master Sleeve Roll

They don’t call it the “Master” roll for nothing. It does the job that’s required…but it’s also the least restrictive folding technique. Your arms still move naturally. Plus unrolling the sleeves is super quick.

Also, if you’ve got a chambray or flannel shirt (or any shirt with a distinct color/pattern on the inside of the cuffs) this is the way to crank up your casual style.

Simply pull the cuff up your arm. Then all that’s left is to roll back the sleeve so it only exposes the top end of the cuff. This keeps your modified sleeve style neat and secure.


Style Skill #7 ? Keeping A Dress Shirt Tucked In

No matter how well a dress shirt fits you…it won’t do you any good if it suddenly goes untucked. It’s worse when it happens in front of colleagues, clients or a lovely woman you’re talking to. You might push the shirt back into your trousers from different sides…but that looks just as awkward.

The solution? Buy shirt stays (shirttail garters) and get used to wearing them. With their strong elastic tension, they lock your shirt into place the entire time. You’ll even forget you’ve got them on as the day progresses ? whether they’re connected to your socks or wrapped around your legs. You can select from 4 different versions of shirt stays and comfort won’t be much of an issue.


Style Skill #8 ? Folding A Suit Jacket

Imagine you’ll be flying out for a conference. Big names, influential people, and semi-celebrities are showing up (or you yourself might be one of those). Either way…don’t let a wrinkled and poorly packed suit ruin what could be a life-changing experience.

Here’s how to properly fold a suit jacket when traveling:

  • Turn one shoulder inside out.
  • Put the other shoulder inside the gap.
  • Fold the jacket in half lengthwise.
  • Load it in your suitcase (ideally lightweight with a hard exterior).


Style Skill #9 ? Presidential Pocket Square Fold

Pocket squares are small but powerful. How do you think the sharpest-looking men stand out in a room full of suits and ties? They’ve also got a suit and tie…and something extra which gives them an edge. That’s what a well-folded pocket square offers.

Here’s how to make the simple and stylish Presidential pocket square fold:

  • Keep folding the square in half until it fits in your breast pocket.
  • A small part should be sticking out of the top of the pocket.
  • (If it doesn’t fit in the pocket) make adjustments to the fold.


Style Skill #10 ? 2-Second T-Shirt Fold

For t-shirt wearers, this skill is probably the best invention around since sliced bread. Folding tees has never been this easy ? or time-efficient.


The first step is laying out the shirt flat and removing any wrinkles. Then visualize two lines: (1) a horizontal line across the middle and (2) a vertical line which cuts between the neck and left sleeve. The two lines intersect to create point A, with points B and C being the top and bottom endpoints of the vertical line. Stand on the right side of your shirt and pinch point A using your left hand. Make sure you’re grabbing both the front and back layers.

Pinch point B using your right hand, then bring down point B to point C. Then uncross your arms and lay the t-shirt face down on the table. Fold in half to expose the front…and that’s it! With a little practice ? you’ll become lightning-fast at this in no time.


Do all those skills really matter? Yes ? not just for bragging rights or being a man. They prove that you don’t just care about style on a surface level.

If you master how to tie a Half-Windsor, how to put on scarves or pocket squares, how to iron your shirts and fold your jackets…you’re not just a guy who can dress well. You’re someone who embraces style ? and the discipline that comes with it. That kind of discipline benefits both your professional and personal life. So gentlemen, let’s all aim to live in style.

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Italian vs American Dress Shoes | Is There ONE Perfect Shoe For Everyone?

Italians are sharp, slender, fashion-forward and flashy?italian-american-dress-shoes

Americans are blunt, conservative, solid and chunky.

I?m talking, of course, about dress shoes.

What makes Italian shoes some of the most sought-after in the world?

And are they better than American shoes?

There are minor differences in construction between Italian and American shoes – and BIG differences in philosophy.

The American philosophy is that shoes are functional. Americans build great quality, practical, durable dress shoes from heavier leathers.

The Italian philosophy is that shoes are a work of art. Rather than durability, they focus on making shoes as beautiful and exquisite as possible.

Here?s what those differences mean for you in practice.


Click here to watch the video – Italian VS American

Click here to watch the video – Which Dress Shoe Comes Out On Top?


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ace-marks4 Reasons To Wear Italian Shoes

 #1. Elite Craftsmanship

In Italy, shoemaking is an art handed down through generations. Shoemakers create handmade shoes using traditional, labor-intensive crafting methods that are considered old-fashioned in America. Leather is often hand-dyed and hand-burnished. Each shoe is a unique creation.

Making a shoe by hand means the artisan can create a better fit, and make sure each detail is perfect. Of course, it also demands a lot more time and skill, which pushes the price up.


#2. The Best Leather

Italians take leather very seriously. They use the best hand-picked full-grain leather (full grain leather has a natural surface ? the cheaper ?corrected? grain has the surface shaved off and replaced with a plasticky coating) Calfskin, the softest and most supple leather, is used in the best Italian shoes.

Top-quality leather produces quality dress shoes that look and feel noticeably better. Instead of becoming scuffed like ordinary ‘corrected grain’ shoes, full-grain leather develops a beautiful patina with time and wear. It’s also much less prone to getting stained.


blue-ace-marks#3. They Get You Noticed

When shoes are made by hand, there’s no need to make thousands of identical mass-marketable copies, so Italian shoemakers have more room to be creative with styles and materials.

Italian shoes have a rich creative flair and often include decorations like heavy broguing, color blocking, or patent leather. They?re bold shoes for men who are more afraid of blending into the wallpaper than they are of standing out.

You’re also likely to find unexpected colors like blues and reds alongside the usual neutral shades.


#4. They?re More Comfortable

This is down to the difference between Blake and Goodyear construction. Most Italian shoes are Blake stitched. This means the stitching is done on the inside of the shoe. The upper is first wrapped around the insole and attached to it and the outsole using a single stitch.

This provides a clean silhouette because there is no exterior stitching showing, and makes the shoe easy to resole.

It also makes the shoe more flexible. This, combined with the high-quality soft leather, makes a really noticeable difference to comfort. Your feet can move more easily and you often won?t need any breaking-in period at all.

Cheap American shoes are cemented ? glued together in a way that won?t stand up to wear and tear. Quality ones are Goodyear welted. This means the upper and sole are both attached to a leather, linen or synthetic strip known as the ?welt?. The welt forms a cavity which is filled with cork.

All these extra bits make for a shoe that’s solid and sturdy rather than flexible and comfortable.


ace-marks-brown-chelsea-boots4 Reasons To Wear American Shoes

#1. They?re Cheaper

Most good Italian shoes will set you back $600 or more, whereas a classic American brand might cost you less than half that, and you’ll still get an excellent quality pair of shoes.

Of course, there is a status boost to wearing shoes that say ‘I have a $600 shoe budget and I know how to spend it’. But you might be better off spending that extra $300 or $400 on some clothing upgrades instead.


#2. They’re More Hardwearing And Waterproof

Despite rumors to the contrary, Goodyear welting is not inherently more hardwearing than Blake stitching, but it is more waterproof.

And it?s fair to say that on average, American shoe manufacturers tend to be a bit more concerned about durability over looks. Rather than choosing the most beautiful leather, they choose the toughest.


#3. They Go With Your Suit

The difference between Italian and American shoes reflects the nature of Italian and American suits. Italian suits are lighter and slimmer cut than American ones.

This means you should take care when pairing Italian shoes with an American suit. Many Italian shoes will look too sleek and lightweight and your outfit will look imbalanced.

However, you can find Italian shoes with a thick sole and a heel, which will work just fine with American suits.


#4. They?re Wider

Italian shoes tend to be longer and narrower with pointed toes. Many American men find the fit TOO narrow to actually fit their feet comfortably.

There’s also the question of whether you like the look. If shorter and wider shoes with rounded toes are what you’re used to, you may feel awkward, strange or overly conspicuous in something that makes your feet look a completely different shape.



With all the pros and cons on each side, it?s really up to you which you prefer. If you’re the kind of guy who likes to stand out and be noticed (in a good way), or you want to have a little fun with your look while also making a powerful statement, Italian shoes are probably for you. But if you’re thinking, ‘I don’t know, this all sounds a little too flamboyant,’ you’re probably a better match for restrained, dependable classic American style.


Ace Marks offer Italian shoes to fit American feet, American suits, and American wallets, making them a good balanced all-round choice. They were even voted as the best Italian shoe brand.

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Why You?re Not Successful? | These 12 Things Separate Amazing From Average

You?re a man who?s done okay for

But you?re not satisfied with okay.

It wasn?t your childhood dream to be an average man.

You want to be AMAZING. To do amazing things.

So where are you going wrong?

You?ve probably directed that question at Google, the wall, or the bottom of a beer glass a bunch of times. And you?ve never found a list of clear, quantified answers.

If someone offered you that list, would you read it? Because that?s exactly what I?m offering you today.

But don?t worry. There?s nothing here that says you?re inherently doomed to be average. Everything it takes to be amazing is totally within your grasp.


Click here to watch the video – 10 Reasons Why You’re NOT Successful

Click here to watch the video – How To Go From Average To Awesome


This article was brought to you by Skillshare, a community offering online classes in business skills, design, creative arts and more for a very accessible price. 

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What does it really take to be amazing? I’ll break it down for you point by point. Here are 12 things an average man thinks are enough for success – and how an AMAZING man goes beyond them.

time-and-money#1. Quality Not Quantity

We’ve all heard this maxim. But in the modern business world, it takes a bold individual to slow down and focus on excellence when everyone else is rushing at top speed for fast profits.

Think of it this way: as an employee, if you’re known as the guy who does the MOST work, you’re a useful machine. Your reward will be to stay in that role churning out quantity year after year. If you’re known as the guy who does the BEST work, you’re a standout candidate for promotion.

As a business owner, if you hire indiscriminately, market indiscriminately, or invest indiscriminately, you’re likely to lose your shirt. If you narrow your focus and select what’s just right for you, you’ll make a killing. If you produce piles of shoddy goods quickly, you’ll make a quick buck followed by a slow death as word spreads. If you take the time to produce quality goods, word of mouth will become your best friend.


#2. Difference Between Efficiency And Effectiveness

Effectiveness is the art of getting things done. Efficiency is the art of getting things done faster.

Put like that, it seems obvious which should come first. But too many people fall into the trap of wasting time endlessly refining the process, trying to make it more efficient, at the expense of actually doing the task. Not very efficient.

Jump in, start doing things the tried-and-tested slow way, and learn as you go. Refine your process bit by bit based on what actually works, rather than making a whole new process, trying it out, throwing it away, and starting again.


#3. How To Be Consistent

Do you want to be known as the man who always delivers? A rock to be relied on? A man of your word? If you’re like most men, this idea is powerfully attractive to you – but you’re not there. Yet.

The No.1 reason why you’re not there? You turn aside from the goal to fuss with the details. It’s better to always deliver on time than to always deliver perfection. That doesn’t mean you’re putting quantity over quality. There’s nothing ‘quality’ about being unreliable.


#4. What Does It Mean To Go Above And Beyond?

The average man tries to get away with the minimum. He resents giving his job more time and energy than he has to. The average man gets the minimum out of his job, too.

The exceptional man shows up heart and soul to his job. Whether or not he’s the CEO, he feels RESPONSIBLE for it in the same way he feels responsible for his family.

This attitude shift is the single MOST important component of going the extra mile. When you think this way, you’ll naturally go above and beyond – and enjoy it. If you’re only doing extra to suck up, fake dedication, or make others look bad, the holes in your act will show.


#5. Do Less, But Better

It’s fashionable to be a jack of all trades. But the GREATS are masters of one. Find the thing that you’re best at, and focus in on it as much as you can. Delete, diminish, or delegate the things you’re not so good at, and put your time into honing that one skill from good to great.

If one is unrealistic in your job, pick a few skills and study each one as hard as you can. Result? Your work goes from average to amazing.


listening#6. Listen To What Isn’t Said

How good are you at following instructions? Do you rush off assuming you know what to do before your boss or client has even finished speaking – only to say later, ‘I wondered what that meant – I should have asked’?

Do you notice when something is never mentioned, or somebody is never available when you try to talk to them?

Do you prefer text-based communication over audio, audio over video, and video over face to face? Do you keep thinking you should study body language, but never get round to it?

Then it’s time to upgrade your listening skills, and take responsibility for understanding what’s being communicated to you – not just what’s being said.


#7. Take Initiative To Solve Problems

As a CEO, I encourage my employees to take initiative – and I notice the ones who do. It’s not a safe strategy – there’s always the risk that someone’s bright idea will make things worse. But no matter what the outcome, I will never penalize anyone for taking initiative.

If nobody’s on the alert, mistakes get ignored and perpetuated. A friend of mine used to work nights in a sandwich factory. The whole place was refrigerated. One night some unusual pink smears appeared on the chicken. Nobody thought to question it. The girl at the start of the line was too numb with cold to notice that she’d cut her hand. They made thousands of dollars’ worth of sandwiches full of human blood.

The lesson? EVERY mind in a company needs to be switched on. And if the only mind in the company is yours – even more so.


#8. Real-World Experience

Seasoned employees roll their eyes when a new kid joins the team and starts acting like they know best because they’ve read all the right books. That’s because knowledge on paper is no substitute for lived experience.

If you can’t get the experience you’re looking for on the job, the next best thing is to take a class with practical components, where you can get feedback from a community of learners and an experienced teacher.



#9. Be Prepared For Anything

Instead of waiting for things to go wrong and hoping they don’t, be proactive. What will you do if your computer breaks? Are you leaving just enough time to get to work, or enough time to allow for mishaps on the way? How will you keep yourself on task when you’re having a bad day? Does your schedule allow for the unexpected?

Do your team members know how to do each other’s jobs? What will happen if you get hit by a bus and are out of action for weeks? Or worse… if your PA gets hit by a bus?

Take a leaf out of Batman’s book – being prepared for anything makes you a superhero.


#10. Honesty At Work

‘I’m sorry, I forgot.’

Hard to say, isn’t it? Even amazing men can forget things. What sets them apart is that they have the honesty and courage to own up to it. Average men cover their forgetful moments with lies, and hope their clients, colleagues, employers and employees can’t tell.

Spoiler: they can. And lying isn’t a good look.


#11. Stop Blaming Others And Take Responsibility

An average man is terrified of getting in trouble. He wants to make certain everyone knows it’s not his fault.

An amazing man is fair and honorable. He’d rather stand up and take responsibility than leave someone else looking bad. He’s quick to speak up for the innocent and slow to condemn the guilty.

As a boss, I don’t expect perfection, but I do notice courage and responsibility.


bright-sun-in-sky#12. Don’t Just Think Positive – Act Positive

There’s more to acting positive than being cheerful and energetic.

Acting positive means treating challenges as if they’re achievable, and treating problems as if they have a solution. That means responding to problems and challenges with action.

It doesn’t just mean seeing the best in others – it means having the courage to trust them with real responsibility. And it doesn’t just mean believing in yourself – it means stepping out of your comfort zone and trying when you might fail.


Nothing here is impossible. Even the most average man can learn to be amazing. So if you’re inspired, don’t just sit on this information – ACT POSITIVE. Take your first step today by signing up for a class on how to succeed in business – and pay nothing. 

Click here to check out Skillshare – the first two months are free, then you can get a very affordable subscription that will quickly pay for itself.

5 Simple Ways To Boost Status | Intuitively Gain Respect & Power

Simple-Ways-Boost-Status-tallThe box…what is it?

When people meet you they place you in a box in their mind.

Is this person:

  • Successful or unsuccessful?
  • Polite or rude?
  • Worth getting to know or not?

So WHY does “the box” matter?

The box = your status…

?  Imagine asking someone on a date…they reject you…what box did they place you in?

?  Imagine going into an interview…they reject you…what box did they place you in?

?  Imagine pitching a group of investors…they reject you…what box….

See what I mean?

Is the box fair? Not always ? but it’s reality.

But the good news is…you can control the box…if you know how.

Today’s video gives 5 easy ways to boost your status (none of which requires you to be rich)…


Click Here To Watch The Video ? 5 Ways To Boost Status

Click Here To Watch The Video ? How To Gain Respect & Power


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They offer high-quality watches at amazing prices…let people think they cost 5-10X more…and they’re extremely stylish.

Just knowing the specs (scratch-resistant crystal glass, 316L stainless steel, Italian marble & leather for the strap) you can tell that Vincero watches are NOT the cookie-cutter type. They can be powerful status symbols.

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boost-status-smile-will-smithStatus Tip #1: Smile & Be Stylish

You might be a little down. You’re about to interview for another job you probably won’t get. Or you’re going on a first date for the third time this month.

Is it okay to feel defeated? Yes. But it’s not okay to ACT defeated. That’s how you lose the battle before it begins.

So even if the odds of something working out aren’t great, act otherwise. Show everybody you’re a winner-to-be…by smiling.

A smile (confident but not a cocky one) can level-up your status right off the bat. It’s a human thing. Studies reveal that smiling beats frowning ? as well a neutral face ? in terms of a person’s facial attractiveness. If you were to see two faces of the same subject (male or female) with one having a smile and the other being neutral…you’re more likely to rate the smiling face as more attractive.

But it doesn’t stop there. The most “I’m an awesome guy” smile you can make won’t get you far if your clothing tells others “I’m worthless.” Does it mean people judge a book by its cover? Yes. That’s the world we live in…especially when it comes to first impressions.

However, dressing up well isn’t about spending lots of money. Only the rich and famous would be showing status if that were the case. It’s about wearing clothes that conform to certain standards. Clothes that society associates with positive thoughts and feelings. That requires:

  • Nailing the fit (know your body type)
  • Dressing appropriately for your age
  • Looking your best for formal & casual settings
  • Choosing the right accessories (dress shoes, hats, necktie knots, pocket square folds, etc.)

What’s your best source for learning all these? You’re on it right now. Just browse RMRS to expand your knowledge and find all the answers to any questions about men’s style.


Vincero-chrono-s-gold-whiteBonus Tip: Wear A Nice Watch

You could try boosting your status and think you should make big changes. But that’s not to true at all.

Your goal is to impress people and gain their respect through small, subtle details. And what better item to use than a stylish dress watch like the ones from Vincero?

All these big brands sell watches for huge sums of money…but they’re not targeting young professionals or men who are working their way up the corporate ladder.

Vincero is different. They offer quality dress watches for a fraction of the prices. They enhance your outfits for business or social functions. They can also help you start conversations with different people…maybe even future partners and colleagues.


show higher status power posesTip #2: Try Power Posing

You’ve got an interview today and you’re waiting in the office lobby. Your résumé is good, you know exactly what to say…but this is how you’re seated:

?  Your head is facing the floor
?  Your arms are folded up
?  Legs are stuck together

Well…does that look like a guy who believes he’s the best candidate? No. That’s someone who thinks he’s worthless.

You’d be much better off incorporating “power poses” before an interview or while you’re preparing for a presentation.

You could do them for a minute in the restroom, or you could try them in your office when you’re alone. What’s important is you’re consciously giving your body power through these poses…which strengthens the mind.

How true is all of this? Take it from researchers at UC-Berkeley, Harvard, and INSEAD in France who did a test on people doing a mock job interview. Participants had to do either a high-power or low-power stance before the interview (while coming up with a speech about their qualifications). It turned out that the high-power posers did the interview with better delivery, presentation…and were more hireable overall.

boost-status-Figure-Four-Leg-Lock-PositionTip #3: Sit Down The Right Way

We don’t always realize it: the way we sit = a strong non-verbal cue. People tend to make quick judgments about others based on how they’re seated.

Why? Unlike standing ? your legs have more options to position themselves. You can keep them together with no space in between…but that’s similar to the “closed” nature of folding your arms. Not to mention it’s uncomfortable for men!

What you want to do is either:
A. Sit with both feet on the floor and legs 11-24 inches apart (with your body upright)
B. Use the Figure-Four Leg Lock Position (see the image to the right)

Not only are both positions more comfortable to take…but they allow you to show a more open and less defensive attitude. They raise your confidence levels. You feel a sense of power transferring from the body to the mind (since people with power are often seen to take up more space). And these positions signal you’re actively listening to somebody else talking ? which helps in meetings or networking events.


Tip #4: Master Good Handshakes & Eye Contact

We’re all taught to shake hands with people we just met, to look them in the eye during conversations…and these lessons become second nature. There’s just one problem: we’re not actually taught how and how much.


There’s sort of a scale from “not enough” to “too much” for both practices. To express trust and honesty you’ll have to find that middle ground. Otherwise…it’ll damage your status when people believe you’re not trustworthy the minute they meet you.

What’s a good handshake? Don’t just touch the other person’s fingers without gripping their hand. The other extreme is gripping too tight (as in airtight) or going beyond two up-and-down motions. Those mess-ups can happen if you’re nervous. So you do want to find that midpoint, practice it with a friend, and make it a habit.

It’s a similar issue for eye contact. Eye contact is crucial while shaking hands (for as long as the handshake is) or making requests. But it’s trickier with extended, less personal communication. The University of British Columbia did a study where students were made to listen to a speaker and look non-stop at either (A) his eyes or (B) his mouth. The result? The ones in category A felt less comfortable listening than the other group did.

Those students thought the speaker was “aggressive” with the incessant eye contact…and he seemed less persuasive. So when you’re delivering a long speech or presentation, never make eye contact with any single person for more than 30-60% of the time.


talking-antonio-centeno-aaron-marino-stylecon-2017Tip #5: Learn To Communicate Well

Just watching my videos, you can tell I love to talk. Actually…I do more than just talk. I communicate.

What is good communication? It’s knowing your audience, sharing ideas they can relate to, so they feel a certain way about your speech at the end. You leave them feeling inspired, enlightened or even happier. And when you make people feel good by talking…your status skyrockets.

How do you accomplish those things? The trick is to be a great storyteller. Good storytellers have a way of connecting with their listeners (helping the release of oxytocin) and keeping them all ears. There are three angles in storytelling you can take: professional, social, and romantic. To master them ? it’s about practice and repetition.

Another good tactic is to use positive humor in conversations. Studies have shown that women are particularly more attracted to men who can be witty, use puns, and lighten the mood ? as opposed to men who tease others or use self-deprecating jokes. It’s even better if you infuse this humor in your storytelling.

Why do people appreciate good stories and positive, witty humor? It’s because those qualities tend to showcase one’s intelligence. And in general…intelligent people are perceived with more status. So don’t undervalue your communication skills.



We all need to present ourselves well. Sometimes we struggle with confidence. We feel like we don’t belong in the same room as everybody else. Or we’re too nervous about the occasion that we forget to be natural.

But all you’ve got to remember are those 5 tips on body language and communication. Learn to control your body, your speech, your attitude (relax!) and you’ll always get off to a great start. Anyone you meet will listen, feel comfortable, and think highly of you. You’ll impress them…and everything else should follow smoothly.

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Is Wearable Tech Stylish? | 10 Ways Technology Has Revolutionized Style

Smart Glassestech-ruining-style

Smart Watches

Smart Rings

Everything is so “smart”…but is it stylish?

Are there any tech innovations that improve style?


Most of these innovations weren’t specifically created for style…

…but have been indirectly used to advance it…

It’s actually really exciting stuff (maybe because I’m a science nerd)…

So today – I have 10 technological advancements which have transformed the style industry…


Click Here To Watch The Video on YouTube ? Amazing Advances In Style Technology

Click Here To Watch The Video ? 10 Ways Technology Revolutionized Style


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clothing-invention-zipperClothing Invention #1 ? Zippers

This is probably the most important of all inventions on this list. The majority of our outerwear (especially trousers) relies on the function of a zipper.

Could you imagine living in the pre-zipper era?  It wasn’t actually that long ago. The first zipper was created in 1851, followed by another version in 1893. But both of them failed to become a commercial success. 

It wasn’t until 1913 when the first modern ? and truly functional ? zipper was invented. But who exactly coined the term “zipper”? It is claimed that the company B.F. Goodrich did it. The name was originally used for their zippered (and laceless) rubber boots. People bought them…enjoyed the convenience of wearing them…and the name eventually stuck.


Clothing Invention #2 ? Interchangeable & Micro-Adjustable Belts

We’ve all worn traditional belts with holes. Sometimes they’re a pain. Sometimes we can’t stand the lack of an accurate fit (thanks to the space between slots). It sucks having to hold your breath so you can go one-inch tighter…when you only need half an inch.


Luckily, we’ve got modern belts these days. Companies like Anson Belt are selling not just easy-to-fit belts…but belt straps that can separate from the buckle and be swapped with others. This allows you to make small but significant changes to your wardrobe.

With the Anson Belt & Buckle belt system:

  • You can customize your belt strap & buckle combo to match any outfit
  • There’s no need to worry about waistline (the straps can fit sizes up to 50 inches)
  • Your belt can be micro-adjusted (by every 1/4 inches) to get a truly perfect fit

Did I also mention that they provide excellent customer service? I know that first-hand since I’ve worked with them for almost 10 years. That’s why I 100% recommend them.


workout-clothing-men-swimmingClothing Invention #3 ? Stretch Fabrics

You’ve got to love science. It’s the reason we can wear clothes that are stylish, comfortable, and practical for different things.

Science has paved the way for stretch fabrics such as spandex and elastane (widely branded as Lycra). Researchers were initially looking to make fibers using neoprene…only to discover what elastics could really do for the clothing industry.

The first commercial stretch fabrics known as elastomerics entered the market in 1958. They were mainly used for bras and swimwear until the late ’80s. You can see them now in a wide variety of clothing pieces including slacks and dress shirts.


Clothing Invention #4 ? Performance Wicking Fabrics

People love moisture-wicking fabrics for obvious reasons. They help us withstand sweating from the heat better…which means we get to work out better. But who deserves credit for developing them? Nobody knows for sure.

Some say the fabric was first invented by Stanley Kornblum and Robert Kasdan (who discovered the wicking properties of fabrics made from microfiber yarn). A patent was filed in 1998. But there’s also a strong case for Kevin Plank ? the founder of Under Armour ? who started mass marketing this fabric in 1996 while he was at the University of Maryland. So maybe both parties should be recognized equally?


workout-clothing-men-runningClothing Invention #5 ? Compression Clothing

You’ve heard of compression socks, shirts, and shorts. But as hi-tech as they appear to be…the science of compression has actually been around forever.

It was used in medicine as early as around 400 BCE. But only in the mid-20th century did compression socks/stockings ? designed to increase blow flow in the leg muscles ? pop into the scene. And the modern compression clothing we can now buy in stores first came out in the early ’90s.


Clothing Invention #6 ? High-Density Thread

Technology is the reason why we can wear clothes that suit our individual needs…and why they last much longer. Typical fabrics are wool, cotton, silk, polyester or nylon. But now we also have modern synthetics which surpass the others in durability.

These synthetics are made possible thanks to a high-density thread (for stitching). This type of thread has a lot of:

  • Thread weight (the number represents how many kilometers of thread is needed to amount to 1 kg)
  • Thread ply (the number of yarns that get spun into a thread); denser threads will be as high as a 4-, 6- or 9-ply which makes them perfect for heavy-duty material


you-should-keep-exercisingClothing Invention #7 ? Rubber Soles

It wasn’t too long ago when leather was the predominant type of shoe sole. Leather was tough and reliable…but it lacked the traction to handle slippery surfaces. It was also at risk of getting damaged by moisture.

But then rubber came along. It turned out to be the best material for athletic shoes, as evidenced by the release of rubber-soled plimsolls (sandshoes) in 1876. They were made by the New Liverpool Rubber Company based in the UK ? initially for croquet.

Rubber soles are now preferable to leather soles for running shoes, gym shoes, etc. They offer the necessary traction and security. But don’t forget that leather soles always have their place in the world of suits and formal wear.


Clothing Invention #8 ? Sunglasses

Imagine if you had to wear masks made of bone or wood each day…just to block off the sunlight. Sounds bizarre? Those tools were actually used for centuries! They were the precursors to sunglasses. So we’ve made quite a progress since then.

An earlier version of sunglasses was also used by wealthy folks in China (dating as far back as the 1100s). Lenses were made of smokey quartz. But let’s all be grateful for the creation of polarizing lenses in 1936. They led to the modern sunglasses which we can now buy in different shapes and styles.


workout-clothing-men-cyclingClothing Invention #9 ? Quartz Watches & Smart Watches

How would our lives be today without quartz watches? Probably a little “off”…in terms of time.

I say that because when the first quartz clock came out in 1927 (invented by J.W. Horton and Warren Marrison) it was quite a breakthrough. Quartz movement watches proved to be more accurate ? plus more affordable ? than the mechanical watches that came before.

The innovations didn’t stop there. We currently have smartwatches as well. It wasn’t that far back when the first smartwatches were called “computer watches.” They were big…and were even bought with an external keyboard!

But things changed in the ’90s when these devices incorporated pager technology. They would offer wireless connectivity…on a global scale. From the Samsung SPH-WP10 cell phone watch in 1999 to the recent line of Apple Watch products, smartwatches have really evolved. They’re now amazingly functional (connecting to your mobile phone or WiFi) and super stylish too.


Clothing Invention #10 ? Safety, Cartridge & Disposable Razors

Shaving hasn’t always been as safe as we know it to be. Your grandfather had to use straight razors in his younger days…and it was like pressing a pocket knife to your face every stroke!

Then safety razors came out in 1762. They reduced the risk of cutting oneself by adding a wooden sleeve (covering the whole blade except the very edge). Later on in 1880, the double-edged safety razor followed. It was also the first razor which had disposable blades.

Cartridge razors would then make waves in the 1960s, followed closely by disposable razors designed for one-time use. Those were the game changers ? allowing men to shave more safely and with less need of precision. So it’s no surprise they’re some of the most commonly used razors worldwide.


your-smile-better-whitened-teethBonus Invention: Toothpaste

Imagine if you couldn’t smile with your teeth because they were ALWAYS dirty? Or worse…because of tooth decay? Now imagine if everyone else on this planet suffered the same fate?

Thank goodness toothpaste was invented. There’s evidence that toothpaste existed as far back as 5000 BCE in ancient Egypt. But what was it composed of? Ash, ground hooves, and burnt eggshell…how refreshing.

It was during the late 1800s when toothpaste started having a minty flavor (a result of premixed pastes and cremes). But the whitening kind that can”brighten your smile” was only invented less than 30 years ago. Toothpaste recipes have remained quite consistent ever since.



So there you have it ? examples of how clothing and style have changed with technology. Is this proof that tech is ruining style? NO.

There’s a saying: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Zippers were born out of a need to wear pants conveniently. Quick-drying fabrics ? to run without sweat holding you back. Sunglasses ? to protect the eyes without covering the whole face. Each item was meant to fulfill a need.

In the end, technology makes clothing more comfortable and functional. Guys like us can be stylish every day whether we’re working, working out, grabbing a cup of coffee or taking the subway. Tech has now made it easier to live with style. That’s why we should embrace it.

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The Right Way To Cuff Jeans Infographic



Click here to Watch the video – Stacking VS Rolling VS Cuffing Jeans

Click here to watch the video – How to Correctly Pull Of Denim Style

Stacking vs Cuffing vs Rolling Your Jeans | The Right Way To Wear Your Dress Boots

Most guys roll their jeans the wrong way.roll-cuff-stack-jeans

Are you one of them?

Are you showing too much leg?

Picking a roll that makes you look short or fat?

Or one that looks weird with your boots?

Let’s teach you how to roll your jeans the right way.

Here are 5 methods of shortening your jeans – hemming, rolling, pin rolling, deep cuffs and stacking – and which boots they look best with.


Click here to watch the video – Stacking VS Rolling VS Cuffing Jeans

Click here to watch the video – How To Correctly Pull Off Denim Style


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thursday-boots-captainsWhy Roll Jeans In The First Place?

There are several benefits to rolling jeans.

#1. Aesthetics

– It breaks up the flow from pant to shoe – if you have really long legs this can balance out your proportion.

– It shows off more of your boot. You can keep the visual length of your legs intact while showing the details in a stylish pair of boots that otherwise would be covered up.

– It shows off the inside of your jeans. When the inner lining contrasts with the wash of your denim it can make a nice end point for the eyes to notice your boots. Or if you’re wearing high-end selvedge denim, you can make sure everyone knows about it. (Selvedge denim is woven on an old-fashioned shuttle loom, creating distinctive edges that only show on the ‘wrong’ side.)

#2. Avoid the tailor tax!

Don’t want to get every pair of jeans you own tailored? Rolling is a quick way to taper the cuffs without having to take them to the tailor.


#1. Hemming

Rolled hems can fall down at unexpected moments and get trampled on. I’m sure none of you deliberately buy floor-length jeans – but jeans stretch as you wear them and ride down as you walk, hems get wet and saggy in the rain, and before you know it you’ve trodden them into the sidewalk. Hem your jeans if you want to be sure to avoid the dreaded shredded jean back look.

When you take your jeans to the tailor, wear the kind of shoes you want to wear them with. Ask the tailor for ‘no break’ – i.e. hems that just rest on the tops of your shoes.

If you want to show off your shoes you can go higher, especially if you’re wearing chelsea style boots or high-top sneakers. Just be aware that the jeans will only be suitable for wearing those types of shoes.

Be wary of hemming brand-new jeans, because they can shrink when washed – especially raw denim, which is very in style at the moment. That’s denim that hasn’t been pre-washed. Unsanforized (non-shrink-proofed) raw denim can shrink by 5-10% , so you could end up showing 3 inches more leg than you meant to… suddenly not so stylish.


What Type Of Jeans To Hem:

Smarter jeans – although if they’re your first pair of nice jeans and/or you expect to get a lot of use out of them, you might want to avoid hemming to keep your options open.

Jeans with a wider leg opening – rolls, cuffs and stacks need some friction with your leg to stop them falling down.


What To Wear With Hemmed Jeans:

High-top footwear from sneakers to dress boots.

Smarter outfits like smart casual sport jackets and dress shoes go well with hemmed jeans, as it’s a cleaner look.


Who Should Wear Hemmed Jeans?

Guys who want to look taller – there’s nothing to break up the leg line, and if you cut them higher than the tops of your shoes you look slightly ‘too’ tall for your jeans… in a good way.

Guys who want to look thinner – hemmed jeans don’t add bulk to your legs.

Older men – hemmed jeans are a conservative style, so you won’t look like you’re trying too hard to be funky.


jeans-doubl-roll#2. Rolling

Rolling is what most guys mean when they say ‘cuffing your jeans’. A rolled hem is one that’s turned up twice. Never roll more than twice or you’ll look like you have bagels on your legs.

Aim for a 1.5″ cuff – the key is making the first roll less than an inch. Make each roll slightly lopsided for a nonchalant look.

Up until the 1960s cuffing your jeans was the norm, as they only came in a few lengths – so this is a retro look.


What Type Of Jeans To Roll:

Jeans that are full or half break length make for easy cuffs.

Selvedge denim that you want to show off.

Slim fitting jeans – the cuff needs some friction with your legs to stay up.

Designer jeans – most designer jeans come with very long inseams, and getting them hemmed will cost more than normal slacks and is something most tailors won’t attempt.

What To Wear With Rolled Jeans:

Pretty much anything that goes with jeans, but particularly:

Low-top sneakers or dress shoes – if you’re going to show some ankle the roll can look more balanced than the hemmed jean.

Motorcycle boots and a leather biker jacket.


Who Should Wear Rolled Jeans?

All body types can pull this look off pretty well, as it’s an ‘in between’ look that draws more attention to your ankles than hemming but less than stacks or deep cuffs.

 Younger men – rolled jeans aren’t just for boys, but if you’ve hit 40 and are looking for a little more dignity in your style you should go for hemming.



#3. Pin Rolling

This is like a military shirt tuck for jean cuffs.

  • Put on some un-cuffed jeans and stand up straight.
  • Grab the inner seam at the bottom of one leg and pinch it.
  • You will then want to fold the fabric against your ankle so the fabric now overlaps.
  • You can now cuff the jean.


What Type Of Jeans To Pin Roll:

Slim fit – NOT classic or relaxed fit.

Jeans that taper at the ankle and are not too baggy above the knee.

What To Wear With Pin Rolled Jeans:

Chukka boots, combat boots, chelsea boots, laced boots.

Most casual clothing styles – this look is neither old-fashioned nor too trendy.

Who Should Wear Pin Rolled Jeans?

Guys who are slim enough to pull off slim-cut denim.





jeans-deep-cuff#4. Deep Cuffing 

Deep cuffs are 3-4 inches tall. This might seem like the perfect way to show off your $200 selvedge denim jeans – but be aware that deep cuffs are derived from workwear, and still have a ‘working man’ vibe.

A deep cuff can have just one fold as opposed to two. (Smaller cuffs with only one fold will tend to fall down.)


What Type Of Jeans To Deep Cuff:

Slim fitting jeans – deep cuffs on baggy jeans will look clumsy and may fall down.

Rugged jeans – go with the workwear vibe.


What To Wear With Deep Cuffed Jeans:

Rugged casual looks like denim shirts, chore jackets, and watch caps.

Leather work boots or old-school high-top sneakers.

A casual work belt in tough matte leather. Work belts should be about 1.75 inches wide.


Who Should Wear Deep Cuffed Jeans?

Tall men – not recommended for shorter guys because they break up the leg line.

Slim men. Deep cuffs don’t flatter big or muscular guys.

Younger men – this is a more casual style and may look sloppy on older men.



#5. Stacking

‘Stacking’ means letting jeans fabric bunch up above your shoes. This used to be seen as lazy, but now the music industry has made it very fashion-forward. When you wear skinny jeans and high ankle boots there will be excess fabric around the ankle. Just let the excess fabric stack on top of itself and rock it! This only works if your jeans taper from the knee down to the ankle.


What Type Of Jeans To Stack:

Very slim to skinny jeans. I’m sorry – a stack still only works with uber-slim denim, so if that’s not your speed it’s best to leave this to those who embrace a pencil-thin leg.

Pre-washed jeans – raw denim is likely to rub indigo dye all over your shoes.


What To Wear With Stacked Jeans:

Urban casual looks like black leather jackets and hoodies. Stacks are a similar level of casual to deep cuffs but as urban as deep cuffs are country.

Running sneakers, Timberlands, rock star boots, cowboy boots.


Who Should Wear Stacked Jeans?

Guys in their 20s. This is a young fresh look on you. Enjoy your brief window of being able to pull it off.

Thin men. Given the need for skinny jeans, if you don’t have the legs of a newly born giraffe, steer clear.

Tall men. Like cuffs, stacks break up your leg line and make you look shorter.


Rolled and cuffed jeans draw attention to your footwear… how does yours look? Could you use a new pair of stylish men’s casual boots?

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10 Game Changing Commuter Style Hacks | Master Your First Impressions

Let?s talk about first impressions.commuter-style-hacks

Some you can plan in advance.

But most just…happen.

During your normal routine.

On ordinary days.

When you least expect them.

For most people, the commute to work is a matter of habit. You do it practically in your sleep, right? But life-changing moments aren?t confined to out-of-the-ordinary times. That woman who sits down next to you on the train could be the love of your life one day. You could walk in the office door and be face-to-face with the manager you?ve never really talked to who could give you that promotion you?ve been wanting.

Bottom line: it pays to pay attention to how you look on your commute (and immediately after it). Try these tips to help you get where you?re going.


Click here to watch the video – 10 Game-Changing Commuter Style Hacks

Click here to watch the video – 10 Game-Changing Commuter Style Hacks


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Older Men in Overcoats#1) Smart Men’s Coats And Jackets

You?ve probably seen (or made) this style gaffe, which is common for commuters: a man goes out in cold weather wearing a sharp suit and a nice pair of shoes, figures his job is done and tops it off with a garish or out-of-place jacket.

Don?t let this be you. Commit to finding the jacket your work wardrobe deserves.

A wool peacoat is a great option for those in colder climes. It’s a practical classic that’ll keep you warm and dry.

Leather jackets are another versatile option – but choose with care. Many are too casual to really work with business wear.

Topcoats and overcoats are some of the oldest styles of men’s outerwear. They’re made to be worn with suits and tend to look best with them, so they’re a good bet if your office has a more formal dress code.

Look for versatile colors that will complement work outfits. Remember, when you’re shopping for a coat, you’re committing to wearing it every day for at least the season – versatility and durability are your chief concerns.


thursday-boots-commander-brown#2) Have Separate Commuting Shoes And Office Shoes

You want something that will stand up to the elements but doesn’t look completely silly with your work clothes. If you wear business casual, then hiking boots, “dress” sneakers, or even trainers will probably be fine.

If you’re in a suit and tie you might need to be a little more discriminating. Look for dark, relatively plain boots or walking shoes that will just blend in.

The other consideration when choosing commuting shoes is climate. Sneakers and trainers are only suitable in dry and warm climates where the main risk to your dress shoes is damage, dirt, and wear.

If it’s cold or wet you’ll want boots. Army boots or leather hiking boots are best (sure, you can wear actual snow boots, but unless you ski to work they might look a bit out of place). Dress boots that you then wear to the office are also an option, but winter conditions can ruin the leather unless you care for your boots regularly.

If you go with dress boots you definitely want the more durable ones based on a boot construction with rubber soles, rather than the smarter leather-soled ones that are basically tall dress shoes.

The other thing to consider in your shoe swap action plan is your socks. You’ll want socks that are comfortable, hard-wearing, and classy enough to go from commute to the office. The right socks can make more of a difference in your commute than you’d expect – comfort is the first step to confident style.


#3) Colorful Men’s Accessories, Neckwear, And Shirts

This is an especially good tip for winter commuting when you?re just a bundle of dark colors. Fashionable men’s scarves draw the eye towards your face. A muted green or a manly deep red provides a unique accent without looking too “dandy.” Learn some men’s scarf knots too.

In warmer weather, your shirt collar will be visible above your coat as a face-framing accent. Watches and masculine jewelry are also great ways to work in subtle dashes of color.


#4) A Handsome Leather Bag Or Briefcase

Sure, backpacks can be practical – but you’re not a schoolboy. Your bag should be as grown-up as the rest of your outfit (and ideally, a color match with your shoes and belt – all brown or all black).

It should also be functional, sturdy, and help you stay organized. You’ll need compartments. One big sack where you dump everything is not an option. An organized bag influences how people see you. Which would you rather be: the guy digging through his bag for a solid sixty seconds every time his phone buzzes or the guy who’s always ready with a pen, a tissue, or whatever the situation requires?

Where you work may be a factor in your choice of bag – different places will have different conventions. If you work at an established law firm, you’ll probably want a classic leather briefcase. If you work at a tech startup where most people are under thirty, it might be better to go for a quality satchel or messenger bag with a unique color or design.

The bag you carry on your commute usually carries the stuff you use to do your job. Its look should reflect the values that define your workplace and your career.


#5) Leather Portfolio For Writing

A portfolio is a slim case, almost like an A4 folder but a little sturdier and more permanent. They’re great for holding tablets and e-readers, as well as notepads, pens, and business cards.

Portfolios are the modern man?s day-to-night carry-on. Their practicality makes them a must-have – all your essentials in one compact case.

They also look fantastically dapper and give you extra gravitas. Imagine pulling one of these out of your leather briefcase. What would that say about the writing contained within? Would it give your words extra weight?


#6) Men’s Dapper Hats

Hats are helpful in both wet and sunny weather, and they give your outfit a touch of vintage panache.

Casual men’s hat styles include the watch cap (great in the cold) and the baker boy cap. Smarter options include the trilby and fedora. You can even get these in straw instead of felt for hot summer days.

Fedoras are oft-maligned these days because they?re formal hats that young men wear with casual, even scruffy clothes under the mistaken impression that that?s enough to look like a gentleman. If the rest of your outfit looks dapper (and especially if you?re older), don’t worry – you can pull it off.


#7) The Perfect Sunglasses For Men

Sunglasses lend you a bit of mystery and solve the problem of Where To Fix Your Gaze While On Public Transport To Not Seem Awkward. They?re also helpful if you drive – and even more so if you bike.

Studies have shown sunglasses actually make you more attractive. To take advantage of this effect, you need to choose the best sunglasses for men’s face shape – more angular for round faces, and rounder for angular faces. Classic styles like aviators, Wayfarers, and Clubmasters suit most men.

Tasteful yet unique sunglasses are a great way to work a bit of personality into office wear (but they?re easy to take off when that?s not the right message to send.) Why not try an unusual color?


cognac_tan_brown_gloves_with_cashmere_lining_by_fort_belvedere-3#8) Stylish Men’s Gloves

Gloves have a lot of functions for a commute – they keep you warm, sure, but they can also be helpful for grip if you bike or stand on the subway or bus, and they’ll protect you from other commuters’ germs.

Choose natural materials like leather or wool for style, comfort, and warmth. A color that complements your coat color will add interest.

Gloves with a dapper ensemble should be fitted to your hands – you don?t want them to fit like work gloves. However, they should not be constricting.


#9) Breathable Clothes For Hot Weather

This is very important for commuting in the heat, and especially if your commute includes a packed subway train. Fabrics that aren?t breathable leave you smelling like B.O.

Natural fabrics like cotton and wool are more breathable than polyester. With cotton shirts, look for a looser weave, which you can spot by holding the shirt up to the light – you?ll be able to see points of light through the fabric.


-you-must-avoid-overusing-cologne#10) Choosing The Right Cologne

Again, if you?re getting up close in the subway, a fragrance is helpful – but only if you don?t overdo it. The keyword is SILLAGE. That means how far a fragrance spreads. Too far and your fellow passengers will be choking in a cloud of scent.

You want something with a medium to low sillage. If you like a certain cologne, you should be able to find out the sillage just by googling it, or by checking a respected website like Basenotes or Fragrantica.

Hot, sweaty bodies make cologne smell stronger and spread further, so go for a lighter cologne with green, aquatic and/or citrus notes in summer, and save the heavy spices, woods, and incense for the winter.


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My Perfect Morning Routine | STEAL This Routine To Kick Start YOUR Day


The Perfect Morning?

Obviously fiction right?

Mornings are for hitting snooze.

Regretting all the extra Netflix last night…

Hitting snooze again.

Racing out the door without a shower or breakfast.

Making it to the office just under the wire…If you’re lucky…



Guys, I don’t always have the perfect morning, but with a little discipline, I have more wins than losses.

In today’s article, I’m going to share MY perfect morning routine.  I guarantee that if you steal this routine, you will be set up for an amazing, productive day.


Click Here To Watch The Video ? Perfect Morning Routine

Click Here To Watch The Video ? Start Your Day Strong


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My Perfect Morning Routine ? 5:00 AM

The day starts at 5 in the morning for me. I wake up using a normal alarm clock (not my smartphone) and ideally, I’ve slept for 8 hours.


Why don’t I use my phone? Well…I don’t even have it in the bedroom. It’s left somewhere else because I don’t want the temptation to check my messages or browse social media right away. There’s enough time for those things later.


morning-routine-coffee-drinkMy Perfect Morning Routine ? 5:05 AM

I head downstairs for coffee ? french press with coconut sugar and cream ? with my lovely wife. I’m not going to pore over the newspaper or check my phone. Here’s why.

This is the only period of time where both of us can sit together and chat ? with no distractions or interruptions. My wife has her hands full once the kids wake up (we homeschool them) so this quality time in the morning means a lot to us as a couple.


My Perfect Morning Routine ? 5:30 AM

I spend 30 minutes on some self-development reading. I enjoy reading about finance, investment, and other non-fiction topics…since I’m always looking to deepen my skillset. The idea here is if I get one nugget of info out of a good book…then it’s time well spent. Learning never stops for me.


-dollar-shave-club-razor-blueMy Perfect Morning Routine ? 6:00 AM

I devote the next hour to my physical health. I take a 2-minute drive to the local gym and do some squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.

Next to the gym is an aquatic center with one of my favorite facilities: a pool with a hot tub. I use the hot tub to reward myself after a hard workout. And when it’s about half past 6 am ? nobody’s there.

Then I go to the shower area to shave, take a shower, and dress for the videos I plan to film later. I’ve got a cartridge razor in my Dopp kit to use for shaving (since it can be packed safely without the blade getting damaged). I also bring my own body wash so I can thoroughly wash off the chlorine.

By the way, the products I use for this part of the day are the Dollar Shave Club Executive Razor, Shave Butter, and Body Wash. I love how they’re super efficient AND affordable. In fact, you can now get all of them through the Sh*t, Shower & Shave Trial Kit for only $5! I recommend trying them out (especially over other grooming products which are overpriced and overrated).


morning-routine-breakfast-steak-saladMy Perfect Morning Routine ? 7:10 AM

I’m back home making breakfast for the family. I enjoy a good steak with bacon and eggs, along with tomato and green onion.

My kids have woken up and get to eat kasha (a type of buckwheat porridge). Then we’re all fueled up and eager to get on with the day…or at least I am.


My Perfect Morning Routine ? 7:55 AM

I say goodbye to my family and hope they have a great day (actually just a great 4 hours since I’ll be seeing them for lunch anyway). Now I have to drive to the office which is 5 minutes away from the house. Business and busyness await.


morning-routine-office-desk-workMy Perfect Morning Routine ? 8:00 AM

The first office matter is turning on the computer to look at my company dashboard. This includes checking up on:

? Sales
? Traffic to the RMRS website & YouTube channel
? View count/performance of recent articles & YouTube videos
? How far ahead on content we are
? Emails addressed to me

Just a side note: I get around 200 emails a day from people with personal questions, style-related questions or business inquiries. I obviously can’t reply to each and every one by myself. So I have two personal assistants who are well-trained to respond in certain ways to different kinds of emails.

My assistants know all about RMRS as much as I do. That means I know they’ll provide excellent customer service whether it’s giving advice, pointing someone to the right info or having the tech/sales team solve an issue.


My Perfect Morning Routine ? 8:25 AM

It’s time to relax and have my second coffee for the day. I take about 5 minutes and then go check my emails. I’m usually sent 5-10 emails a day by my assistants ? those filtered from the whole bunch ? which I need to personally respond to. That way I don’t get lost in my inbox.


morning-routine-film-video-rmrsMy Perfect Morning Routine ? 9:00 AM

Lights, camera…action! I spend 2 hours doing what I do best for RMRS: filming YouTube videos. The goal is getting 2-3 filmed and knocked out in one day.

Why? It’s simple. Videos add the biggest value to my company. They reach out to masses of people. They’re the most responsible for any increase in sales or web traffic. So the further ahead I get in this department, the more I’ll be able to maximize profits.


My Perfect Morning Routine ? 11:00 AM

The next stage of work involves these practical tasks:

  • Editing videos with the help of my videographer
  • Getting updates from managers in the team and discussing our priorities
  • Working with the tech team to address any fires or issues about the website or YouTube channel (e.g. the website is down temporarily)

Effective communication is essential to all those tasks. That’s why I make it very clear about respect within the team I have. Everyone needs to be focused on their work while still doing their part in meetings, Skype calls, and email exchanges. There’s no “i” in team ? or success.


morning-routine-breakfast-healthyMy Perfect Morning Routine ? 12:00 Noon

I love my job. I get a lot of fulfillment out of the work I put in every day. But even better, I’m lucky that I can wrap up my morning by going back home.

I don’t have to eat a packed lunch or stop by a diner in this small town. Instead I enjoy a great lunch with my wife and kids ? the second meal of the day we have together.

It’s also an opportunity to bond with my kids for around 30 minutes to an hour (before they get back to homework). I know how fast they’re growing up…so I don’t take for granted the free time I have as a dad.


How To Create Your Own Perfect Morning Routine

I believe that a good morning ? with the right morning routine ? leads to a successful day. And if you consistently have successful days…you’ll live a very successful life. So here’s how you can come up with a similar routine:

1. Know the main purpose of your morning routine. Is it to be healthier, to be more energized for work? Is it to spend more time with your family? Understand that purpose and it’ll be easier to pick out your activities.

2. Compile a list of potential activities that align with your purpose. Write them in order of how you’d like to tackle them.

3. Ask yourself: “Where is my time best spent?” You should narrow down the list to what either benefits your work (as we all care about making money and excelling in our profession) or your personal life. And be realistic about time constraints. You still need 7-8 hours of sleep.

4. Remove any small mental tasks from your current routine ? choosing what to wear, what to eat for breakfast, wondering where you left your keys, etc. You want those taken care of the night before. Morning routines function best without too much thinking and decision-making.

5. Once your routine is finalized, try and commit to it for 7 days. No excuses or delays. This is the only way you’ll find out whether it works or needs adjustments. But an imperfect routine still beats no routine at all.


A good routine keeps your mornings stress-free. We all lead busy lives so it’s best to organize your small matters in the morning…and save your mental energy for later. It’s the same with buying razors. Wouldn’t you hate to wake up and:

  • Realize you’re out of razor blades?
  • Start shaving with a really dull blade?
  • Head to the office with a scruffy face because you couldn’t shave?

Thankfully there’s Dollar Shave Club. They offer quality cartridge razors & shaving products that are delivered straight to your doorstep every month. All you have to do is sign up…and you’ll never worry about buying razors again.

Click HERE to Get the Sh*t, Shower & Shave Trial Kit by Dollar Shave Club for only $5.

2017 Holiday Gift Guide | 25 Must Have Gift Ideas for Men

How to choose the perfect gift?mens-holiday-gifts

There are so many options…

The malls are busy and overwhelming.

And let’s be honest…people can get cutthroat at this time of year.

At the end of the day, holiday shopping should be EASY…

If not FUN.

The secret is to buy a gift that a man can use.

Shop for quality, and shop for usefulness.

I’ve put together a list of 25 of the BEST Christmas gifts for men this year.



The items on this list are all vouched for! I own or have used nearly all of them, and have had the rest highly recommended by men I trust.

I also include some AMAZING discount codes for you too.



 1. Tani Airfit Brief

AIRFIT_TENCEL_MENS_BRIEF_1831_WHITE_FRONT__24223.1425535993.450.800The Tani AirFit feature provides antibacterial and anti-odor properties. Perfect for the gym, outdoor running or even everyday wear.

With their smooth comfortable fabric, quality finishes, and innovative knits- Tani underwear might be the only piece of underwear you won’t want to take off.

Click Here To Claim Your 2-For-1 Deal From TaniUSA 


2. Thursday Boots Natural Captains

Discover the highest quality full grain leather dress shoes for an affordable price.

Thursday boots come from a military heritage and are made to last.

BrandonBurkPhotography.comThey have a buttery soft inner lining and you can wear them in hot or cold weather.

They are one of the most comfortable boots I have in my wardrobe.

Check them out for high-quality leather dress boots at practical prices.



Anson Belt3. Anson Belt & Buckle

I’ve known the owners of Anson Belt since before they were the owners of Anson Belt. Going on 8 years in this relationship, I have watched them grow from nothing into an amazing company.

Why all the success? They innovated on a simple product and made it better.

The problem with giving belts is that one is never too sure of the fit. Anson Belt & Buckle changes that by creating slim, elegant leather belts with a customizable “microadjustable” system. No more belt loops.

Anson Belt & Buckle is a family business based in South Carolina. The company is dedicated to make the customer experience as easy as possible.

Click HERE to discover Anson Belt & Buckle


Skillshare4.  Skillshare

I know, this is not an actual gift.  But #4 on the list is a great way to learn new things, become confident, and be an expert in your chosen field.

If you’re the type who likes unconventional ways of gift giving, this is your bet.

Skillshare is an online learning community with more than 17,000 classes in design, photography, and more ? so you can improve your skills, unlock new opportunities, and do the work you love.

They offer unlimited access for just $10 a month.

Click here now to sign up for Skillshare and the first 500 RMRS readers will get their first 2 months free to try it out, risk-free.


5. Ace Marks Shoes

Ace Marks was the most funded shoe Kickstarter in HISTORY!


They sell $600 quality dress shoes for $300.

How? They are selling direct to consumer and cut out the middle man.

My favorite characteristic of Ace Marks shoes is their two-tone color and fabrics. They usually combine suede and leather to give them a unique feel that will allow anyone who wears them to stand out.

These shoes are the best quality I’ve seen for this price. They will make an amazing gift this holiday season.

Use Code RMRS at checkout!


chrono_s_white-silver_1500x1986_grande6. Vincero Collective Quality Dress Watches

If you want a watch that looks about 10X more expensive than it actually costs, Vincero is the perfect gift.

If you’re wanting to send the message of timeless and sophisticated while on a budget give them a look.

I’m looking for a watch that I can use on most days, both for casual and business casual and this watch fits the bill.

Sleek enough for the office but casual enough for drinks with friends.

Use Code RMRS For a discount!


ashfordforest7. KK & Jay Shirt Garters

I first learned about this genius hack in the Marine Corps. We had a strict dress code (even on forced marches). These shirt garters made my life so much easier by keeping my shirt tucked in no matter what I went through.

Now I’ve been using them for years. They’re great for when I have to bend down and pick up my kids all day. Or when I am at parent teacher conferences I don’t want to be that Dad with his hands down his pants trying to keep his shirt tucked in.

This is a great gift because it’s one of those items that most men won’t think to buy, but when they have it, it’s incredibly useful!

Use code RMRS for an awesome deal!


Dollar Shave club Starter Set8. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club delivers quality men?s razors and grooming products to your door.  They have everything you need for a calming shower, smooth shave, and minty clean bum.

Get your 1st month of their Sh*t, Shower, Shave? Starter Set, including the Executive Razor and trial-sized Shave Butter, Body Cleanser and One Wipe Charlies Butt Wipes, for ONLY $5 with FREE shipping. After that, razors are just a few bucks a month.


Bluffworks-classic-blue-shirt9. Bluffworks

If you?re looking to update for your next trip with some versatile, durable travel gear, remember to check out Bluffworks.

Bluffworks melds technical performance with office ready looks. Their gear uses quick drying, breathable and wrinkle resistant materials with innovative features to create products that you can wear every day, whether you?re climbing mountains or the corporate ladder.

They make some of the best clothes for travel I?ve come across.

Check out their website and use code RMRS for a 10% discount on any regular-priced purchase.


Chassis-For-Men-Powder-products10. Chassis

Do any of these words describe your crotch area? Chafing, sweating, odor, irritation, pain, discomfort?

Chances are you have swamp crotch? Good thing I found the solution?

Chassis Ball Powder.

I know the founders & I?ve personally used it. This is the best powder on the market.

Trust me?you don?t want to get in a situation where that special someone is getting intimate and then?nasty odor buzzkill.


PMD Personal Microderm Man11. PMD – Personal Microderm Abrasion For Men

PMD is the at home personal microdermabrasion tool.

What is microdermabrasion? It’s a tool designed especially for the skin to help reduce enlarged pores, eliminate ingrown hairs, and smooth rough skin.

More specifically it helps remove acne scars. Studies show that women find scars on men attractive unless they are acne scars.

The PMD Man uses an exclusive patented spinning disc with aluminum oxide crystals to exfoliate away the dead, dull cells on the surface of the skin.

Combined with other healthy lifestyle habits and daily skincare this will definitely help decrease scarring & slow the aging process down by promoting new collagen growth in the underlying skin cells.

Use code RMRS for a 15% discount on your purchase.


p06_161019_chrono_wrist_017412. Original Grain Watches

Original Grain has designed the world’s thinnest woodgrain watch bezel.

Why the heck does that matter?

Because it makes it one of the most unique watches on the market.

If you are the type of person who enjoys subtle details and conversation starters on your wrist piece, this watch is for you.

It also makes a great gift for someone who is environmentally friendly. For every one watch you buy – 10 trees are planted.

Use Code RMRS for a special discount.


OneBlade Shaver13. OneBlade

OneBlade will bring you back to that barbershop fantasy.  They change the way men feel about shaving.

A ritual performed every day between you and a sharp blade?  That?s the preparation to start the day strong, and your investment in better skin.

OneBlade gives you the chance to experience quality wet shave you can easily master at home.

They have put $1 Million worth of research into crafting the perfect razor.

If razors were cars ? One Blade is the Ferrari. You?ll never need another cartridge razor again.


Teeth-Whitening-Kit14. White With Style

White With Style makes great home whitening kits that are painless, affordable and easy to use, with peroxide free options for sensitive teeth.

Use code RMRS and click here to get Sparkle White Professional Teeth Whitening Kit for only $28.00 (retail price $297.99)?that?s a 90% discount! 

Or get the Sparkle White Professional Teeth Whitening Kit plus activated charcoal tooth polish for only $56.00 (retail price $297.99).



MeUndies Boxer Brief15. MeUndies

MeUndies men?s and women?s underwear, socks, sleepwear, and undershirts are made with sustainable natural fiber that?s 3x softer than cotton.  They source only the finest, softest materials for their undies to make you feel good.

For the holidays, their slogan goes – ‘Don?t Give Underwear, Give MeUndies.?  So check out MeUndies? website for some great gift ideas, and you?ll get an exclusive discount.


territory-ahead-216. Territory Ahead

When it comes to the everyday staple pieces, there?s a lot more variety and way fewer hard-and-fast rules.

If you?re looking for what will become your go-to pieces for years to come, Territory Ahead is a great source for high-quality casual clothing in an uncommonly wide range of sizes.

They own the “rugged” but casual style.

I wear their sport coat (like the one in the picture) when I go to my son’s football games. It keeps me warm here in chilly Wisconsin, it’s stylish but still casual, and they sell at a great pricepoint.

So when you want to go on a picnic with the family, or your son’s high school football game (and still look sharp without feeling overdressed) – this is your best option.

Use code TARMRS20 for an amazing deal.


The Newman Paul Evans 9

17. Paul Evans Chukka Boots – The Newman

The Newman is incredibly stylish and comfortable. It’s made from Italian calfskin leather upper with matching leather sole and leather lining.

You can wear it with a suit or don a casual outfit (worn with jeans). This boot is perfect for your interchangeable outfit.


18. Mott and Bow Shirts mott-and-bow-oxford-blue

If your special someone is a fan of oxford shirts – this would make the perfect present.

Mott & Bow is a great company that offers premium handcrafted jeans and Oxford shirts at a very reasonable price.

The company believes that it’s their hand-made, labor intensive process that separates them from the rest.

Use code RMRS for an exclusive discount.



The Tie Bar Shirt Tie and Bar19. The Tie Bar

The Tie Bar is a great new brand offering luxury quality menswear at affordable prices.

Their line has grown to include pocket squares, tie bars, socks, belts and other accessories.  They take pride in their team’s extensive research into global style and fabric trends, guaranteeing the tie you choose will be appropriate for any occasion you find yourself in.

The Tie Bar believes that a well-made tie shouldn’t cost a fortune. Their premium accessories are offered at wallet-friendly prices.

Click here to visit for INCREDIBLE value long tail men?s dress shirts, silk, cotton and linen ties, and accessories.


Public Rec Apparel20. Public Rec Apparel

Public Rec Apparel makes high-end casual clothing that combines indoor comfort with outdoor style.

They make technical leisure apparel for men. Whether you?re staying in or venturing out, our stylish take on high-quality, tailored comfort allows you to focus on what you do, not what you?re wearing.
At Public Rec, looking good is about feeling good.

Click here to discover what Public Rec has to offer you ? use code RMRS to claim a great exclusive discount.


Huckberry Jacket21. Huckberry

Huckberry makes stylish clothing for men built to last a lifetime.  They inspire more active, adventurous, and stylish lives through uniquely designed clothes.

This brand is for the adventurous man.  They deliver the coolest gear at the best prices.  But they also offer a more casual line of men’s apparel.

Check out their blazers and jackets.  You’ll find a variety of styles for everyday wear and even when you’re out fishing or camping.

Click here to visit Huckberry.


22. Pete and Pedro Products

v2-splash-products-largeI’m pretty low-key when it comes to hairstyles but I love how Pete and Pedro products do the job. Their pomade is great and gives enough hold and just the right amount of shine.

What’s even better is that it’s infused with all natural oils like peppermint, ginseng and aloe that make my hair healthier and they smell great.

Purchase two items and get a third for FREE.


MG_3706_b23. Silver and Niobium Helix Cuff

A great piece of jewelry – not too simple but not too complicated either.

Also the owner’s personal favorite this sterling and niobium helix cuff is wrapped in their exclusive helix that is not only unique but beautiful.

Use the RMRS20 code and get 20% on your purchase!


hair_combo_1024x102424. Brickell Men’s Shampoo & Conditioner

Brickell is known to use only the best quality, natural and organic ingredients.

A lot of companies rely on synthethic ingredients and chemicals to make their products work but Brickell figured out a way to combine nature and science to produce the products that are not only good for you, but one that works.

The sets make great gifts or individual tubs and bottles make great stocking stuffers. You might even end up keeping some for yourself.

USE Code RMRS15 for 15% Off


Muscle Fit Basics25.  Muscle Fit Basics

Every man favorite style piece is the T-shirt.  To look good in a T-shirt, you have to pay attention to these 5 aspects ? fit, color, fabric, style, and function.

Muscle Fit Basics’ T-shirts are 100% cotton and tailored to hug your body perfectly without being too tight.  They make sure the materials they use fall correctly into place no matter what the body type.  Their shirts are engineered to always fit. 

They believe that a t-shirt should be extremely mobile and practical too so they have left the lower part of the garment to fall naturally to compliment your individual physique.

Check out Muscle Fit Basics and use code RMRS20 to get 20% OFF.

Dress Like A Rich Man | How To Look Expensive Every Day

It’s you against the rich guy.dress-expensive

For the job. For the girl.

His whole appearance oozes class and power.

He gets listened to. He gets respect.

He gets treated as a better person just because he wears better clothes.

It’s unfair. But it’s life. How can you compete?

Luckily, there are ways. Shopping smart can be just as effective as spending big. Today I’ll share my 5 top secrets to packing a style punch above your financial weight.


Click here to watch the video – Stop Dressing Cheap!

Click here to watch the video – Savvy Ways To Look More Expensive


This article was brought to you by Vincero, one of my favorite watch brands, who provide affordable luxury watches that set you apart, get you compliments, and look like they cost 10x the price.

Click here to see Vincero’s beautiful watches, and use code RMRS for an extra 15% off.

Now, are you ready to learn the secrets of looking like a rich man? If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might be able to guess the first one:


#1. Get Clothes To Fit Right

Rich men wear bespoke – or at the very least, made-to-measure. What sets them apart most visibly, even at a distance, is how well their clothes fit. Mid-range, off-the-rack clothing can and will look high-end if you nail the fit.

Many department stores and big-box men’s retailers have in-store sewing services. Don’t rely on them. For the level of quality, personal service, and attention to detail that a rich man expects, you need to build a relationship with a local tailor. Take everything you wear to him. If that means you can afford fewer clothes, that’s fine – a small wardrobe of clothes that fit will make you look richer than all the ill-fitting clothes in the world.


vincero-watch-kairos-blue#2. Understand Fabric Drape And Sheen

Fabric Drape

  • Drape is how the fabric hangs off the body.
  • A high-quality fabric will tend to be more supple, providing structure to the body WITHOUT hanging stiffly.
  • Cheap fabrics tend to hang very stiffly, causing a lot of unsightly creasing and wrinkling as you move in the garment.
  • Understanding this distinction will allow you to shop for fabrics that will hang well and flatter the body without having to break the bank.

Fabric Sheen

  • Sheen refers to how much light is reflected off the fibers in the fabric.
  • High-end fabrics tend to have a low sheen (think high-end wool suits), although there are exceptions (think silk).
  • Cheap fabrics like polyester are always high-sheen.  This is why if you don’t know how to iron a suit jacket properly, you can make it look cheap (bad ironing damages the fibers and makes them reflect more light.)
  • Shop for fabrics with a lower sheen and care for your garments properly. Almost any garment can get shiny if you iron it at too high a temperature or press the iron against the same spot for too long.


#3. Avoid Obvious Branding

Brand names can carry a certain prestige. However, you want to avoid becoming a walking billboard. Having large logos and brand names on your clothes, especially on jackets, cheapens the overall look.

Avoid branding anywhere on a suit or sports jacket (good quality jackets will have all of the branding inside and hidden. Favor casual attire with modest branding (think about the difference between a Lacoste alligator on a polo and a huge The North Face logo on a T-shirt…which one are you more likely to wear to dinner?)


vincero-watch-bellwether-blue-steel#4. Pay Attention To The Hardware

YKK?  Nobody will notice those three little letters stamped on your zipper pull.  They will notice if your fly is stuck halfway open.

The company YKK controls the entire process of zipper construction and supplies nearly half of the world’s zippers. They are reliable and ubiquitous, just like Honda. RIRI zippers, on the other hand, dominate the luxury market and have a famously smooth pull and firm hold.

Look for zippers from these two brands as an easy way to check garment quality. If a company is willing to add a few dollars to the price tag to get reliable zippers, you can bet they care about the quality of the fabric and the construction of the garment as well.

Another bit of hardware to look out for is the buttons. Look for things like mother-of-pearl buttons instead of plastic on your dress shirts, and horn buttons instead of plastic on your jackets.  It’s a small difference but shows considerable attention to detail and a willingness to spend a bit more for a better look and feel.

Finally, keep an eye out for dress shirts with French cuffs – they don’t usually cost more than barrel cuffs (once you have the cufflinks)  but the presence of understated cufflinks will set you apart from the majority of men in dress shirts. It’s a quick fix to looking pricey.


#5. Number Of Stitches Per Inch

Hand-stitched seams will tend to have a much higher number of stitches per inch than factory-sewn pieces. Higher stitches per inch increase the strength of the seam, which means that your shirt or suit will tend to last much longer.

It will also have a huge effect on how GOOD the seam looks. More stitches per inch = straighter, tighter seams. Even if you’re buying off the rack, shop with an eye to the highest stitches per inch you can afford.


vincero-watch-chrono-s-black-tanBonus: Take Out Pick Stitching

When you a buy a suit, sports jacket or vest, the pockets and lapel buttonhole are probably stitched closed. This is especially true if the jacket has ticket pockets. Nothing screams rookie or cheapskate louder than when a guy tries to reach into the stitched-up pocket of his new suit.

Don’t assume the tailor cut the pick stitching – double-check when you get home and have a stitch ripper in the drawer to facilitate removal. Be careful – you don’t want to accidentally slice open the pocket lining.


Another bonus tip to appear ten times richer? Buy a men’s statement watch that looks like ten times what it cost. Vincero offers just that – their goal is to make the modern gentleman look and feel unstoppable. 

Click here to discover Vincero watches and use code RMRS to claim your 15% discount.

Holiday Clothing That?s Actually Stylish | Sick Of Ugly Christmas Sweaters? 10 Better Ideas

Ugly sweaters.mens-holiday-style

Novelty neckties.

Any and all beard decorations.

Of course, the holidays mean gifts and get-togethers…

but they also tend to bring style abominations out of the woodwork.

Why not be the family trendsetter this year?

Add these items to your list and show them that festive and seasonal doesn’t have to mean obnoxious and tacky.


Click here to watch the video – Holiday-Themed Clothing That’s Actually Stylish

Click here to watch the video – Sick Of Ugly Christmas Sweaters? 10 Better Ideas


This post is brought to you by MeUndies, whose slogan for the holidays is ‘Don’t Give Underwear, Give MeUndies.’ Their men’s and women’s underwear, socks, sleepwear, and undershirts are made with sustainable natural fiber that’s 3x softer than cotton.

Click here to visit MeUndies’ website for some great gift ideas, and you’ll get an exclusive discount.

#1. Classic Glasses Frames

Yes, you heard that right. Done correctly, glasses can be a fantastic style statement that’s just right for the cozy vibe of the holiday season.

The holidays are about tradition and old-fashioned celebration. It’s the best time to channel the dad look (even if you’re 22 and single). Go ahead–ditch the contact lenses.

If you’re shopping for eyewear this season, look for something timeless. Acetate frames have just the right classic vibe. And check our infographic to make sure you get the best glasses for your face shape.

#2. Men’s Velvet Jacket

Velvet jackets are a classic for winter evening parties (but they’re not for daytime wear). They can be dressed up with black tie or dressed down and worn like any sports coat. You can easily find them in thrift shops and get them tailored to fit, and they come in seasonal colors like wine red, forest green, and chocolate brown.

You have a lot of options with velvet jackets. Most have peak lapels, but notch or shawl lapels are acceptable too.  Lapels may be covered in a contrast fabric like silk, satin or petersham. Velvet jackets can be single or double-breasted, come with a center vent or side vents, and have jet pockets with or without flaps. Velvet-covered buttons are a nice touch if you can find them.

As a bonus, if you’re spending the holidays with a special someone, velvet is one of the most touchable fabrics out there. Coupled with a great outfit, a dose of charm, and some sincere conversation, a velvet jacket says “get close to me.”

red corduroy pants
#3. Men’s Red Corduroy Pants

If red pants aren’t your speed, brown corduroy is a good alternative that still looks cozy and seasonal. Cords are casual, but a notch up from jeans, and warmer too. 18th-century London tailors designed them to keep hunters warm in winter.

Again, these are touchably soft, but also durable and easy to clean – a good choice if there’s snow or mud about. However, bright red corduroys are prone to dye running – it’s safer to dry clean them.

Corduroy is measured by ?wale? – the number of ridges or ‘wales’ per inch. The lower the number, the thicker the wales. Between 10 and 12 is your best bet. Pants can have wider wales, jackets (and suits) call for finer ones.

Good corduroys are tightly woven and usually have a ‘Genoa back’ – a twill back that looks and feels similar to the front. A plain (‘Tabby’) back is often a sign of lower quality, but there are exceptions.


tartan-pocket-square#4. Holiday Pocket Square

Have fun with red, green, and holiday-themed patterns in your pocket squares. White polka dots have a snowy appeal at this time of year.

Look for a statement pocket square, not a novelty one. A novelty pocket square has a large, often cartoonish pattern and tends to look tacky. A statement pocket square can be just as bright, bold and characterful, but has a smaller pattern and looks classy.

Remember, if you’re wearing a tie your pocket square should go with it, but not match it. And if you’ve always been a Presidential fold man, how about learning a few more fun ways to fold a pocket square?


#5. Men’s Holiday Socks

Socks are one place a man can really express himself with bright colors and fun patterns.
Again, though, steer clear of the cartoon characters.

Even in a holiday sock, a high-contrast man can get away with a little brighter of a color than a low-contrast man. A high-contrast outfit can take brighter socks too – you don’t want eyepopping holly-berry red if the rest of your outfit is in subtle colors. A nice forest green or burgundy will be more your speed.

Bright doesn’t have to mean clashing, so look for socks that go well with the rest of your outfit (or an outfit that goes well with your socks.) Have something in a more muted red or green elsewhere to pick up the color.

 #6. Classic Holiday Sweaters

No large images, cartoons, bells, fur fabric, sparkly bits, or fairy lights on your sweaters, please. Instead go for Fair Isle, small repeating patterns, or red, green, and/or true blue sweaters.

Fair Isle sweaters, named after the Scottish island where they originated, are typically made from warm, thick wool. Patterns usually contain 2-5 colors, use two colors in each row, and can include seasonal motifs like running deer. Although they come in various styles, the most iconic is the crew neck.

Pair your sweater with jeans, chinos or cords, collared shirts, sports jacket over it, and even a casual tie if you like (anything with a rougher, matte texture).

You can also wear your sweater knotted across the chest. This emphasizes your chest and shoulders, echoes the masculine V silhouette, looks a little bit like a cape, and can easily be removed to drape around a lady’s shoulders.

#7. Tartan Bow Tie

With all the bows on gifts and Christmas trees, the holidays are DEFINITELY a time for bow ties, and no bow is more Christmassy than a tartan one.

Strictly speaking, a tartan is the ancestral pattern of a Scottish clan, and anything else is just a plaid – outside Scotland, the words are used interchangeably. But to be clear, yes, we are talking about the kind of bow tie that would suit a Scottie dog.

Red and green are best, but any color of tartan will do. Bonus if it actually looks like tartan – thick, matte, soft and a little rough. (Again – they’ll want to touch you.)

#8. Casual Vests For Men

There are many different men’s vest styles – some people use ‘vest’ and ‘waistcoat’ interchangeably, but a waistcoat is a formal garment with a low and deep ‘v’ in the front, while a vest is a more casual garment with a higher front.

Unless you’re going to a black-tie event, your best bet is a winter-weight vest in a warm, thick, tactile fabric. Go for red, green, or tartan for maximum seasonal appeal. And if you happen to own a pocket watch and your vest has a pocket, pop it in there.

The shoulders of the vest should always lie flat against your body. If you’re wearing it with a sports coat, the v-shape should be narrow enough to be visible (unless you’re wearing a waistcoat.) The vest should be long enough to cover your waist, but shorter than your jacket – and as with a jacket, always leave the bottom button unbuttoned.

Sweater vests are great holiday wear too – just follow the advice on sweaters.


#9. Colorful Flannel Shirts

Flannels are another warm cozy garment with a tartan look, although the vibe here is less Victorian Scotland and more log cabin.

Your flannel shirt should be well-fitted and not baggy. You can wear it tucked or untucked.

Flannel shirts are not really meant to be worn with a tie, but if you want to go there, a plain knit tie is best.


#10. Holiday Tie Bar And Cufflinks

A themed tie bar is a subtle way to add a little bit of holiday spirit while avoiding the notoriously gaudy novelty tie. Even a plain tie bar can make an outfit look special if you don’t normally wear one.

Go for warm yellow golds that echo the merry-and-bright-ness of the season, and make sure to match your metals.

Cufflinks are another subtle way to show holiday spirit. Go for something that’s fun without being garish or offensive. Price is a factor – $5 reindeer cufflinks will probably look tacky, but $50 reindeer cufflinks are definitely ‘statement’ rather than ‘novelty’.


meundies-freshly-baked-boxer-briefsBonus – Stylish Holiday Underwear

Most guys have received underwear at one point or another as a gift… typically bad, cheap underwear. This year, why not let the lady in your life know that you’d like some stylish, comfortable holiday underwear?

Speaking of clothes that are touchably soft, try telling her MeUndies are 3 times softer than cotton… she might be keen to buy you some. Why not treat her to some soft and sexy ladies’ MeUndies too?

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5 Style Mistakes Travelers Make | Safety Tips For Traveling

Imagine: you’re on vacation in a foreign country.Travel-Mistakes-Avoid

You don’t know anyone.

You don’t speak the language.

And your wallet is missing.

Or your best shirt is stained.

Or your bag’s too heavy to carry on.

You might be out money. You’re stressed – or panicked.

Travel raises the stakes on life’s logistical problems because you have to resolve them in an unfamiliar place. That means that when you’re far from home, it’s doubly important to be practical and prepared.

The good news is, a few smart choices about what you bring, wear, and carry can set you up for success. The trick is to know your way around these common travel wardrobe issues.


Click here to watch the video – Are You Safe On Vacation?

Click here to watch the video – 5 Travel Security Tips For Sharp Dressed Adventurers


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Bluffworks-classic-blue-shirt1. Travel Accessories Look Too Touristy

A lot of travel gear looks like it was made for a hike on Mount Everest. Adventure travel clothing is tough and easy to care for, but it’s designed for the wilderness – it doesn’t look or feel like the appropriate street or business wear. This is a problem both for style reasons and practical ones – looking like a tourist can make you more vulnerable to crime.

Even if you’re not climbing in the Himalayas, travel can be tough on clothes. Between long hours of wear, lack of facilities for dry cleaning and other special care, and suitcase storage, even good quality items may not look their best – or last as long before wearing out as they would have left at home.

The key is to be selective about what you pack, not just in terms of only bringing what you really need (do you have to have a suit, or will a sport coat and a few pairs of durable slacks you can machine-watch work?) but also choosing items that can stand up to the rigors of travel.

Pay special attention to the fabrics your clothing is made of. Many high-end natural fibers (think your silk/wool jackets) will not hold up to hard wear–not the best clothes to bring on vacation or business trips. Look for nylon/polyester blends and merino wool instead.

2. Personal Security While Traveling

The major cities of Europe and many other common travel destinations are popular with pickpockets looking for easy targets. Your goal while traveling is to not be an easy target.

One way to do this is to blend in. If you’re dressed like a tourist, you’ll be pegged as a tourist. Dress sharp – like you might for a normal day at the office – and comfortably so as not to draw attention to yourself.

Be as aware of your surroundings as you can. Don’t drink too much, and don’t have your eyes glued to your phone as you walk. Research your directions before leaving the hotel so you don’t have to look at your phone too much.

Pickpockets tend to use large crowds as cover, so try to beat the rush when moving from place to place. Research the safest times to walk and take public transport in your destination, and structure your itinerary with them in mind.

bluffworks-blue-blazerAnother helpful option is to use clothes and bags with hidden or zippered pockets. Hidden pockets can keep your valuables safe and out of the way, and they can also keep them where you’ll be less likely to pat them when you see the ‘beware of pickpockets’ sign. Patting your wallet in your pocket is a surefire way to show potential thieves where it’s stored.

All of these security measures can greatly reduce your risk, but your best bet is still to only bring what you need on any given excursion. If you’re out for the night, leave the wallet at the hotel. Bring enough cash to get by, but not enough that you’ll be left high and dry if all else does fail.

It’s also helpful to know where pickpockets and scammers often work. Tourist destinations, ATMs and public transport are all common targets. Some pickpockets will have someone come up to you with a clipboard or asking for help as a distraction. These are situations where you’ll want to be on your guard.

3. Wrinkle Free Travel Clothes?

The best way to avoid wrinkles is to pack your clothes properly.  Rolling is best for this as it minimizes folds – and yes, you CAN roll everything, even suit jackets!

If rolling isn’t space effective, buy some plastic garment compression bags.  You can lay all of your clothes flat, then remove all the air so they take up less space. This also removes friction between garments, further preventing wrinkling.

If you end up with wrinkles and you need a quick fix without an iron, hang your clothes in the bathroom while you shower and give them a good hard snap afterward. It won’t give you the crisp press of actually ironing them, but it will get rid of the worst of your wrinkles.

If you’re packing for travel, consider focusing your choices on technical fabrics. Polyester and nylon blends will be much more resistant to wrinkles and easier to get wrinkles out of than their natural fiber counterparts.

4. Travel Laundry Options (or Lack Thereof)

Most clothing doesn’t necessarily need to be washed every time you wear it.  Take precautions like wearing undershirts and you can get 2-3 wearings from a dress shirt on a trip. Likewise, you’re probably the only person who will notice if you wear the same trousers 2-3 times.

Wearing darker clothing and patterns (and avoiding white) can get you more mileage out of clothes before they start to look dirty. And don’t be afraid to spot clean stains and small less-than-fresh areas.

If it’s in your budget, find a local laundry service close to your hotel.  Check the reviews first – you want the one with the best turn-around time to minimize schedule-related stress.

If you’re really in a pinch, you have a last resort: your hotel sink. Almost any garment, even dry-clean only ones, can take a gentle one-time scrub in the sink and hang dry. Just make sure to use gentle soap – most body soaps work just fine for clothes, although they may not get them as clean as a detergent would. If you really want to be prepared, pack an all-purpose soap with you – use it to wash both yourself and your clothes.

Again for this issue, you’ve got an ally in those tough nylon/poly blends. They’re machine and hand washable, which makes for less to carry and less fuss about finding a dry cleaner.

Bluffworks-charcoal-pants5. Save Space While Packing

First step? Get a small bag. This will force you to pack light and narrow it down to the essentials, and if you’re flying, it can save you time and money.

When packing, determine which items of clothing are taking up the most space and try to wear those while in transit so they don’t have to go in the bag. If you need to bring bulky outerwear, plan to wear it on the plane.

Make use of all the pockets on your in-transit outfit. The suitcase space filled with little odds and ends can add up.

Focus on bringing interchangeable pieces. Pack a navy suit whose jacket you can use as a blazer with odd trousers, or just three smart shirts, two jackets and two pairs of pants.

Also be smart about choosing footwear. Like your base outfits, only bring what you need. Loafers can be a fantastic choice because they’re very versatile and take relatively little room to pack. Wear the largest pair of shoes you’re bringing en route.

Compression bags, again, are a fantastic space-saving option for clothes. You can pack your pants and jackets flat or folded once at the bottom of your bag, compress the air out so they take up less room, and roll your underwear, shirts, and shorts on top.

Put toiletries, shoes and other items around rolled-up clothes to keep them from unrolling in the bag. You can even put rolled items in your shoes (along with small items like combs, toothbrushes, and razors).

All tricks and workarounds aside, if you want to pack to travel light you need to go through each thing you’re packing and ask two questions: do I REALLY need this, and could I bring something smaller, simpler, or more compact instead? Think tablet instead of laptop, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner instead of a bottle of each, and shirts that can dress up or down instead of a few casual shirts and a few dress shirts. Smart packing, like smart traveling, is about versatility, flexibility, and keeping it simple.

If you’re looking to update for your next trip with some versatile, durable travel gear, remember to check out Bluffworks and use code RMRS for a 10% discount.

3 Amazing Travel Shoes | Best Dress Shoes For A Man On The Road


I’m on the road a lot, that means I’m in and out of airports a lot.

Checking in, sorting through documents…Then the worst part:

Airport security…strip down everything nonessential.

Shoes come off, belt comes off…after the check you have to race to put it all back on FAST.

but it’s easy to minimize the hassle if you start with a little planning.

Wearing the right pair of shoes can make life a lot easier in the security line and at your destination.

Light, easy to wear and stylish…seems like too much to pack into a single pair of dress shoes…

So Let’s take a look at 3 shoes I find completely indispensable for the man on the road.


Click Here To Watch The Video ? Amazing Travel Dress Shoes

Click Here To Watch The Video ? Best Shoe Styles For Traveling


This article is brought to you by Paul Evans men’s dress shoes

I’ve been doing business with this company for a long time. My friend Evan is one of the owners and helps run the store in NYC. All shoes pictured below are Paul Evans products. With their elegant design & Blake-stitched construction…I strongly recommend them for your travels.

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Men’s Travel Dress Shoe #1 ? Chelsea Boot

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a good pair of travel-friendly boots? Boots which are flexible, easy to put on or take off, and can withstand bad weather conditions? That’s the beauty of the Chelsea. No other laceless boot has same the kind of appeal and lasting power.


Why did these unconventional boots become such a massive hit? Well…they were simply embraced by prominent figures over the past century. From royalties like Queen Victoria to rock ‘n’ roll bands like the Rolling Stones and Beatles, the world would learn about Chelsea boots ? and see how versatile and attractive they were.

Instead of eyelets and those (at times) pesky laces…you don’t need to do anything to tighten the boots once you’ve worn them. The elastic panels on either side (plus a zipper on the inside) keep your feet secure but still very comfortable. To slide the boots on and off, just tug on a small fabric loop attached at the back. It’s that efficient.

Buying Men’s Chelsea Boots For Travel

I suggest choosing a dark color for Chelsea boots. Narrow it down to black, oxblood or a darker shade of brown. As for the overall design ? a cut or rounded-off toe definitely works better than a heavy square toe. You want the heels between 1 and 1.5 inches in height. That’s the formula for the most elegant Chelsea boots you can ever wear.


Men’s Travel Dress Shoe #2 ? Double Monk Strap

Legend has it that as far back as the 15th century, monk straps had already existed in the form of sandals ? worn by real monks living in the Alps. An English man was said to have traveled there and taken home a pair. And those sandals would evolve into the shoes we know of today.


It’s really no surprise that men like the double monk strap. Right off the bat, it looks interesting and stands out from a sea of oxfords and other shoes with laces. The straps and buckles aren’t just there for tightening the shoe…but also as accessories.

Double monks might’ve started out as too casual for people. But more and more guys are using them whether they’re dressed up or down. They now wear them with a casual suit or something simpler (like a t-shirt and jeans). The extra details of these shoes can level-up a more laid-back wardrobe. It’s all the more reason to travel with them ? even if you’re on vacation.

Buying Men’s Double Monk Straps For Travel

The only version to watch out for is suede double monk straps. Suede isn’t as versatile of a color compared to black or dark brown. There’s also a chance of the shoes getting blemished as suede material absorbs liquid more easily (so it’ll be tough when it’s raining or snowing).


Paul-Evans-Stewart-Penny-Loafer-Cafe-Suede-dress-shoe-1Men’s Travel Dress Shoe #3 ? Penny Loafer

Did you know the penny loafer was historically quite practical? The hole along the horizontal band was meant to store change (hence the name “penny”) so schoolchildren could ride the bus every day.

You probably won’t find that version of penny loafers anymore…but those available right now look pretty awesome…and feel great to walk around in.

Among the three, they’re probably the most convenient to wear when you’re navigating through airports. You can slip them on and off without any effort necessary.

The downside to penny loafers is due to their slipper-like appearance, they’re not viewed as dressy shoes. That means you won’t get away with wearing them to weddings or business conferences (stick to oxfords for those). So do place dress code above convenience when you travel for certain events.

Buying Men’s Penny Loafers For Travel

Here you can select most colors for the penny loafers. Darker browns go perfectly with the casual stuff men usually wear: dark shorts or jeans. A lighter brown may be better if you’ve got khaki trousers or blue jeans. If your loafers are similar to the color of the sports jacket you’re traveling with…that’s better. The only color I wouldn’t suggest is black (since it’ll look too formal) unless you believe it’s really your color.


Men’s Travel Dress Shoes: Additional Tips

1. In general, shoes with the best leather quality are manufactured in the U.S. or European countries like Italy, France or the U.K. You can count on the leather to age well.

2. Check if the shoes you’re interested in are Goodyear-welted and Blake-stitched. It’s this shoe construction that allows the shoes to be re-soled after some time.

3. Avoid going sockless when traveling in dress shoes. This to help keep the leather dry (as leather tends to expand after absorbing moisture but never returns to its original shape).

4. For wet dress shoes ? always store them in a cool, dry place. Don’t leave them next to a heater or fire because high-level heat can end up destroying the leather.

5. Leather soles: I prefer shoes with leather soles over rubber ones. Leather is more formal and reflects a higher-quality product. The problem is leather soles take a while to get traction (and you wouldn’t enjoy slipping or sliding along airport floors). Some types may become rigid over time which can make your feet uncomfortable. The solution? Overlay each leather sole with a strip of rubber. A good cobbler should be able to do this correctly.


For all shoes, quality matters. That’s why I love Paul Evans men’s dress shoes. They get it 100% right in terms of the design, construction, and materials used. I know that first-hand…I’ve got 12-13 pairs of the Paul Evans brand in the office and at home.

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