Matching Accessories The RIGHT Way | How To Rock Watches, Sunglasses, Jewelry, And Other Essential Wardrobe Items

What does a “put together” man look like?matching-mens-accessories

It’s a whole new level of style.

An outfit that’s coordinated and harmonious –

down to the very last detail.

It separates the men from the boys.

The boss from the new hire.

The good…from the great.

Accessories are the little “extras” that give a sharp outfit an extra layer of class, flair, and individuality. Some – like ties – are basic and ubiquitous, but in the context of a full outfit knowing the right way to wear them can make or break your look.

Others – like pocket squares – are less common in everyday settings (like a business meeting) but, when done correctly, can make you stand out from the pack before you even say a word.

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Click here to watch the video – 5 Rules For Matching Accessories The RIGHT Way

Click here to watch the video – Essential Men’s Accessories And How To Use Them


mvmt-mens-watches#1. Matching Watch To Outfit

The first rule of matching your watch to your outfit is a common theme when it comes to matching men’s accessories: keep your metals, leathers, and formality level consistent.

If you only want to own one watch, pick the dress code you want to match it to (probably what you wear to work), and wear it only with that.

If you want to wear a watch every day, shop smart and build up a versatile collection:

  • Dress watch with a silver case and interchangeable black and brown straps
  • A second dress watch with a gold case if you?re likely to wear one with gold accessories
  • Casual/sports watch – this should be water resistant, with any bells and whistles you desire (such as a stylish chronograph watch), a dial in a neutral color like white or dark blue, and a metal bracelet or dark strap.
  • Choose one casual watch with a metal bracelet AND one with a canvas strap if you want to match any outfit, including summer casuals.


#2. What Belt To Wear With Different Outfitsmvmt-mens-watches

Again, you’ll want to match your leathers and metals as well as the dress code of the rest of your outfit (no heavy dress belts with a pair of khaki Bermuda shorts to a cookout). This includes matching the type of leather, e.g. brown suede with brown suede.

There are time-tested rules about what belt to wear with shorts, jeans, dress pants, and suits. The breakdown is:

  • Shorts: CASUAL BELT. Webbing, canvas, leather-backed canvas, or colorful braided leather.
  • Jeans: CASUAL BELT. Work belt, tooled leather, or rodeo belt.
  • Business Casual: DRESS BELT. Or suspenders.
  • Business Suit: DRESS BELT. Or suspenders, or side adjusters.
  • Black Tie: NO BELT. You’re expected to wear suspenders and trousers with no belt loops, but if ones with loops are all you have, a polished black dress belt.
  • White Tie: NO BELT. Always suspenders.


mvmt-mens-watches#3. Matching Ties To Shirts And Jackets

Don?t buy a tie without something to match it to. Buy jackets and suits first, then shirts, then ties.

If your tie and shirt are both patterned, the patterns should be different sizes (not necessarily different shapes – wide and narrow stripes, for example, play together just fine). Generally, the tie pattern should be bigger, although pin-dots are an exception.

Use the men’s style color wheel to coordinate ties with shirts and jackets. Go for either complementary, triad or analogous colors.

Cooler tones like deep blue, olive green, and royal purple are most versatile – they don’t fight with other hues for attention. Warm tones like red, orange and yellow are riskier to match but more eye-catching and go well with a navy or charcoal suit.

If you can only buy a few ties, go for darker colors. They’ll be more versatile and easier to match because they read as more neutral.

Here again, match the level of formality. Bolder patterned shirts, button-downs, and chambray shirts are more casual and go well with knit and other casual ties. Plain dress shirts deserve nothing short of silk.


mvmt-mens-watches#4. Pocket Square Matching Tips

Even if the suit rental place recommended it for your senior prom back in the day, your pocket square isn’t supposed to match your tie. You want matched colors but contrasting – yet complementary – patterns.

Alternatively, pick up shirt or jacket colors in the pocket square. Make sure it’s not so similar to the jacket that it disappears. For instance, with a navy jacket, white with navy polka dots is better than navy with white dots.

Matching your pocket square to your outfit isn’t just a matter of matching colors and patterns. You also need to match the formality of your outfit. The most formal variety of pocket square is plain white. This is suitable for serious business suits and tuxes and is a good choice for a job interview. At the other end of the spectrum, an eye-catching floral is probably best kept out of the office altogether.

Another aspect of matching formality is your choice of pocket square fold. A presidential fold is the most formal (and goes perfectly with that white pocket square), while the puff fold is probably the most relaxed. Check out my pocket square fold infographic to learn 9 different options.


mvmt-mens-watches#5. Matching Men’s Jewelry

Tie bars, cufflinks, bracelets, necklaces, and rings should match the metals in your belt and watch and complement the overall style of your outfit.

Keep in mind that shiny accents inherently draw the eye, so wear it somewhere that can carry the weight of that. Simple is generally better. You also want to be sure to balance sides – don’t load one hand with rings or one wrist with bracelets and leave the other bare.

If you buy jewelry with stones, choose those in dark, neutral colors (e.g. hematite, onyx) to increase versatility and make them easier to match. Look for understated pieces – stones in men’s jewelry always have an impressive effect, and you don’t want to end up with an expensive accessory that’s not really appropriate to wear to anything.

Add small extras to your outfits gradually as you begin to get more comfortable with the general laws of accessorizing. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find your own signature pieces. Accessories are what make a classic (like a navy suit, for instance) yours. 


A MVMT watch is the perfect accessory. Their bold masculine watches can be customized with interchangeable straps to go with almost any outfit.

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Style Podcast #94: Should You Buy a Luxury Watch?


Lately, I?ve been considering an investment I never really thought I would make before. I?ve considering buying a Rolex, or similar luxury watch.

I posted a video recently expressing my interest, and I received a lot of interesting feedback I wanted to address.

Growing up I didn?t have much. My family was barely able to provide food, and needless to say I don?t really have any heirlooms. There?s nothing from my family I grew up with that I have, at least not of value.

As a father, I?ve been considering this for my children. I love the idea of an heirloom that will hold its value as it gets passed down from generation to generation.

On this episode of the Real Men Real Style Podcast, I explore reason why one would invest in a luxury watch. I?d love to hear your feedback, so send me an e-mail or post a comment letting me know what you think.

Download this episode now to hear the benefits of a luxury watch.

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3 Reasons to Pick Get a Luxury Watch:

  1. Celebrate a Milestone
  2. Have a Family Heirloom
  3. They Have a Resale Value (Should You Need It)


  • The money for a luxury watch could be used to donate to charity.
  • Mechanical watches don?t keeps as good of a time as Quartz.
  • Luxury build is better, but is it 100x, or more, better?
  • Rolexes can be family heirlooms.
  • Well made watches retain their value.
  • If used as an heirloom, consider something unisex.

Mindset Takeaway:

Want what you want without being afraid or asking permission.


Video: Should I Buy a Rolex?

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Belt Or No Belt? | When To Go Beltless

If you’ve looked in the mirror and wondered:rules-wearing-belts

Is this belt WRONG?

You’re far from alone.

The rules for men’s belts are many and confusing…

But the vast majority can be broken when you know how.

Today I’ll be breaking down six of the most often-heard men’s belt rules and showing you just how and when to keep them… and how and when you can afford to break them. (All except #6… I don’t recommend you ever try breaking that one.)

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Click here to watch the video – Belt Or No Belt 

Click here to watch the video – When To Go Beltless



#1. Belt Loops Always Need A Belt

YES – Jeans originated as workwear in the early days of ready-to-wear clothing. Working men didn?t have a tailor to make their pants fit perfectly, so they needed a belt to hold them up. 90% of the time, jeans look wrong without a work belt (that?s a belt 1.3 to 1.5 inches wide in rugged, matte leather, often thicker than a dress belt). Tooled leather or western belts are other good options.

Belts with shorts don’t have as hard a rule, but again, if they have belt loops they were likely designed with belts in mind. Go for a lightweight casual belt like a webbing, canvas, or leather and canvas belt. A braided leather belt in bright colors makes a good accent piece for something preppy like chino shorts and a polo.

NO – These days, slacks, odd trousers and suit pants can do without if they fit well. A belt that?s mismatched or makes your outfit look too busy is worse than none – don’t wear a bad belt just to fill the loops.

Think carefully about whether your belt adds to the outfit or takes away from it. Of course there are rules and traditions (in menswear there always are) and those exist for good reason. But the deciding factor should be whether it’s looking good, on you, in this context, at this moment.

If you have a good-fitting pair of trousers and no belt to match and you’re worried about it, you can also get a tailor to remove the loops.


#2. Different Belt Rules For Suits And Separates

YES – Separates often look better with a belt, which draws the eye to the other pieces of your outfit. The matching jacket and pants of a suit create a continuous line that makes you look taller and slimmer – a belt can break it up and make you look shorter and fatter.

NO – If you’re tall and skinny, breaking up your line can actually be a plus. A belt adds visual interest to suits as well as separates – if you’ve got one that really adds something, try it and see how it looks.

After all, belts with separates still make you look shorter, just not as much. If you can accept it with separates, there’s a chance it’s occasionally worth it with a suit.


fat-men-style-hack-suspenders#3. Alternative To Belt = Suspenders

YES – Suspenders are a good option with smart men’s dress codes, from business casual up to formal wear. They look great on short guys and those with broader frames because they draw the eye upward, adding height.

Suspenders were designed as a belt alternative in the 1820s, when pants were so high-waisted that men COULDN?T wear a belt to hold them up. This application is still relevant for many types of formal trousers.

NOSide adjusters are a third option for bespoke or made-to-measure suits. They let you tighten the waist of your pants with no visual interruption to your outfit at all.

Buckle side adjusters are the smartest-looking option. They allow you to make the waistband a couple of inches smaller, but not larger, so have the trousers made to fit you when you?re at your largest.

Button side adjusters work by fastening a tab to one of three different buttons. It?s best to fit the trousers on the middle button so you can make them bigger or smaller as needed.

You can also get your pants converted from belt loops to side adjusters if there?s enough material in the waistband. Ask your tailor about this option.


#4. Business Casual And Up = Dress Belt, Below = Casual Belt

YES – No wearing your rugged, casual belts to the office. It’ll look like it was ripped off a pair of jeans and awkwardly shoved onto a business outfit – not the kind of attention you want any accessory to get.

NO – In a pinch you can wear your dress belt with jeans. It?s not ideal, but most guys start there because they only own a few belts. It can look, well, nerdy – but that’s better than looking sloppy in pants that don’t fit you correctly.


The Classic - Micradjustable belt buckle from Anson

#5. Dress Belts Need A Frame-Style Buckle

YES – This is the traditional look for a dress belt.

NO – The rule behind the rule is SMALL, PLAIN, and POLISHED. Newer styles such as the micro-adjustable buckle can work just as well, as long as they follow that rule.

I also got a question on wearing decorative plate-style buckles to the office. That?s a no in general, but it’ll go over better in a less conservative workplace or in a state with a lot of formal western wear.

You can also get away more easily with quirky buckles if everything else about your style is impeccable, or if you’re exceptionally good at your job. A single style eccentricity looks intentional and characterful on a man who clearly knows what he’s doing.


#6. NEVER Wear Suspenders With A Belt

YES – it looks as if you?re terrified of your pants falling down, and creates three sides of a square around your midsection – not flattering.

NO – Actually, there’s no argument about this one. Just don’t do it.

If this all sounds like too much belt shopping, how about a belt with interchangeable buckles and straps for all occasions? Anson offer a gift box that gives you 6 different strap and buckle combos for just $99.95. Click here to check out Anson Belt and Buckle.

3 Easy Steps For A Perfect Haircut | How To Choose The Best Barber

Gentlemen, it?s time to get your haircut!get-perfect-haircut

But how do you get the best haircut for you?

How do you find a quality barber, and how do you talk to them to ensure you get the exact haircut you?re looking for?

Well Gents – We are going to step up your style game and show you how to get the haircut you want.



Click here to watch the video – 3 Easy Steps For A Perfect Haircut 


Click here to watch the video – How To Choose The Best Barber


Step #1 – Decide On A Hairstyle You Want

The first step is to decide on a hairstyle.  This is going to be affected by several factors.

The first is going to be what message you want to send.  Are you an up and coming professional?  Are you a rebel going your own way?  Or are you a rugged man who loves the outdoors?

The style you choose can greatly affect the message you are sending to others.

The other main factor that will determine the hairstyle you need is what type of hair you have.  There is straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, thin hair, thick hair, long hair, short hair, and the list goes on.  Certain hairstyles work better with particular hair types, so it?s important to understand what will best serve the hair you have.

If you want to learn more about what hairstyles would work for your message and hair type, check out my video on the 10 Most Attractive Hairstyles.


Step #2 – Find A QUALITY Barbershop

Now it?s time to find a quality barbershop or salon to get your haircut.

Most men go the nearest generic chain salon, and end up getting their hair cut by a different person every time.  The problem with this is you won?t get a consistent haircut, as each stylist has a slightly different way of doing things.  And their job is to get you in and out of the chair as quickly as possible, so they may not take the time to give your hair the attention it needs.  So it?s worth spending a little extra money to actually go to a high-quality barber or stylist.

To find a great barber in your area, you?ll need to do your homework.  Online reviews and personal recommendations are a great place to start, but don?t be afraid to pick-up that phone and conduct an interview.  Does the shop specialize in men, how much experience do the stylists have, and what?s their process for cutting hair?  If they sound like they will be a good fit go ahead and make the appointment.

When looking for a barber or stylist, there are several signs you can use to gauge their skill.

First, how is their personal grooming? If they aren?t able to keep their hair in good shape, why would you entrust yours to them?

Also take note of their confidence.  Do they speak as though they are knowledgeable of their craft?  Are they confident in giving feedback and ideas?

You also want your barber to be willing to take the time to give you the best haircut possible.  If they are rushing through and cutting corners you will want to look elsewhere.  A good barber will also ask for feedback throughout the haircut to make sure you are getting the length and look you want.


Step #3 – Learn To Communicate With Your Barber

So now you?re in the shop ready to get your haircut. How do you talk to your barber or stylist to ensure you get the hairstyle you are after?

First, it?s helpful to bring a picture of the hairstyle you are looking for; this will give the barber a great visual starting point.  From there he should be able to give advice on how to best tailor it to your face shape and hair type.

If you want to experiment with something new but don?t quite know what you want, again a skilled barber will be able to offer a few suggestions.

But if you know exactly the cut you want, then be sure to communicate that.  Tell the barber which number guard to use on the clippers for the side and back, how much you want taken off the top (whether ½ inch, 1 inch, 2 inches, etc.)

If you are going for a short haircut, I recommend you get the sides tapered.  This means the bottom of the sides will be cut shorter, then goes progressively longer as it goes up to blend nicely with the top.  This creates a very clean, natural look.

Depending on your hair type and the style you are going for, you also may want the barber to add some texture to your hair.  He will do this by unevenly trimming the ends so it will create a layered look.

I really like it when they use a straight razor to clean up around the back of the neck; it?s often an indication of a quality salon.  Usually, they will be willing to clean up your neckline in between haircuts, so be sure to ask!

I also recommend scheduling your next hair appointment each time you go to the barber, that way its set and you don?t need to think about it.  For most men getting a haircut every 3-4 weeks is going to be ideal.

If you schedule it in advance you don?t have to worry about your hair getting too long and looking untamed.  Nothing is worse than scrambling to get a haircut because you have a surprise interview the next day and your hair is completely out of control!

Setting an appointment can also guarantee that you?ll get your hair cut by that stylist who knows exactly how you want it.

Pro tip, don?t let Aaron Marino style your hair, unless you want it to look exactly like his!

Does this seem like a lot of work?

Gents, approach finding the right barber as a long term style investment.  The goal is to build a long-term relationship so you can get a consistent haircut every time.

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Click here for more details on how to get your FREE Menfluential ticket.

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Style Podcast #93: When the Ladies Don?t Respond to Style


I?ve recently received some letter from people asking me what to do if the ladies don?t respond to dressing well. Some people think that the women they are around prefer guys in street clothes, and that may not be the route you want to go.

Luckily, it?s has nothing to do with what you are wearing. Your clothes are just one element of your overall image.

When it comes to dating, there?s probably a lot of other things that can be going wrong. You may not have the confidence to pull of your look yet.

You may be lacking in some social skills, and are coming off as either too aggressive or like you don?t want people to talk to you. This kind of thing happens all the time, and guys don?t even know it.

On this episode of the Real Men Real Style Podcast, I?m going to do in-depth on the three main reasons the ladies probably aren?t responding to you.

Download this episode today to see how you can up your game with the ladies.

Click here to listen on iTunes ? Podcast #93: When the Ladies Don’t Respond to Style
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Click here to listen on Stitcher ? Podcast #93: When the Ladies Don’t Respond to Style

3 Areas to Improve to Get a Lady?s Attention:

  1. Level up your social skills.
  2. Wear clothing you are confident in.
  3. Some women simply won?t like you.


  • Your problems aren?t style.
  • Clothing is just one element of your personal image.
  • Don?t be afraid to make eye contact.
  • Learn the proper way to approach a woman, it takes practice.
  • Know what topics not to talk about.
  • Humor shows levels of intelligence.
  • Women love to laugh.
  • Be aware of your body language.
  • Don?t come across as overly aggressive or that you don?t want people in your personal space.
  • At some point have that person touch you, or you touch them (appropriately).
  • Some materials invite people to touch you.
  • Own your look and be confident, or you?re just in a costume.
  • Is the look appropriate for the situation?
  • Dating is a numbers game.
  • Only a small percentage of women out there are going to be attracted to you.
  • Different women are attracted to different things.
  • Be sure to have your own standards.

Mindset Takeaway:

Style is just one link in a greater chain.


Art of Charm

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Your First Suit | Everything You Need To Know About Shopping For Suits

There are many firsts you enjoy in life…Ultimate-Guide-Buy-First-Suit

Your first word.

Your first day at school.

Driving your first car.

Then later…the more intimidating stuff.

Your first job interview ? and the first suit you’ll wear for it.

So much on the line…you’re so nervous thinking about it…


Getting your first suit ? with the right rules to follow ? isn’t hard at all.

You don’t have to seek people’s advice or ask tons of questions.

All you need is the article below.

It’s a comprehensive guide to buying the perfect FIRST suit.

Read up, absorb the knowledge, and you won’t mess up at all.

Good luck!


Click Here To Watch The Video ? How To Buy Your FIRST Suit

Click Here To Watch The Video ? Tips For Buying Men’s Suits


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It’s now 2 years since I first promoted this great company…and I’m still a huge fan of their affordable high-quality watches.

Not only does Vincero sell bold watches for good prices. Their watches make your suit (or any outfit) extra stylish…getting you noticed wherever you go. The latest Vincero Bellwether collection even offers black-on-black, blue steel & other sleek designs.

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Buying Your First Suit: Fit, Function & Fabric

If you’ve heard of these terms before, good. They’re relevant to the art of buying suits…and buying anything else in men’s clothing. Why? Because as the style pyramid shows ? every item you include in your wardrobe has to fit right, feel right, look right, and serve the right purposes if you want the benefits of being stylish.

If there’s something that deserves the most careful of selections based on these three components…it’s your very first suit.


Buying Your First Suit: Factor #1 ? Fit

The first order of business is ? as with all other clothing items ? to nail the fit. Never go with a suit that doesn’t fit you. The thing is you have to consider more than just the standard S, M, L or XL sizes that are predetermined in stores. There are multiple aspects of the fit.

Remember that a suit is by definition a combination of (1) a jacket and (2) a pair of trousers made of the exact same fabric. If you see a kind where both pieces are closely similar but not identical…it’s not a suit. It’s more likely an odd jacket or blazer partnered with odd trousers.

Therefore, you’ll want to pay attention to the following aspects of fit for both the suit jacket and its partner trousers…


Jacket: Shoulder Fit

The jacket should go in line perfectly with your shoulders ? without coming in by an inch or going beyond an inch of the shoulder points. There shouldn’t be any distinct bumps on the shoulder area because that indicates the jacket might be damaged (or it simply doesn’t fit your shoulders well).

Jacket: Torso Fit

Just as crucial as the shoulder fit is the fit around your torso. The trick to knowing whether the jacket is too tight or loose is to button up and test for:

  • A dreaded “X” which means the midsection sticks very closely to your body = too tight
  • Enough room to squeeze in a full fist inside the jacket comfortably = too loose

When you’ve avoided those, the next step is to size up/down so the suit matches your proportions and any small details (such as breast pocket placement) are taken care of accordingly.

Jacket: Overall Length

Here you need to stand straight and keep both arms to your sides. Measure the length of the jacket and check that it reaches to about the knuckle of your thumb.

Then make sure it covers the bottom curvature of the buttocks (although you’re free to adjust this to an inch shorter or longer depending on your height). Men who are under 5 ft 8 inches should be careful not to wear a super long jacket that extends beyond the buttocks…or else…they’ll end up looking shorter.

The sleeves in particular ? you want them to reach your wristbones. Take note that this is a forgiving detail and you can add/subtract an inch and a half on the sleeves if your jacket is off-the-rack. But this won’t be an option for any jacket with working buttons (especially from a high-quality bespoke suit with functioning surgeon cuffs). It’s not made to be readjusted.

Jacket: Collar Fit

The collar should be sitting far off your neck ? not tight and putting pressure on your neck. Why? Don’t forget the fact that the jacket is already your second layer at the top. So there has to be some allowance unless you want to risk looking stiff or uncomfortable.

Jacket: Sleeve Pitch

Sleeve pitch refers to the angle that the sleeves are attached based on one’s posture and neutral arm position. If you’re someone with great posture, go for “X3” or a low sleeve pitch that has the shoulder shift toward the back. If your posture is more forward-curved, go for “X2” which shifts the shoulder toward the front. You’ve got to stand perpendicular to a full-sized mirror ? and see where your arms naturally rest ? to figure out the right sleeve pitch.

buy-first-suit-trousersTrousers: Fit In The Waist

When it comes to any pair of trousers…the main issue is the waist. So don’t underestimate the importance of measuring your waistline accurately.

Most trousers can actually be brought in or let out by an inch and a half. But don’t push it any further either way. A larger waist can cause excess material around the buttocks ? making it seem like you’re wearing a diaper beneath ? while a tighter waist can lead to ripping your pants the next time you’re rushing to the office.

Trousers: Break

The good thing is it’s really a matter of personal preference whether you want to get trousers with no break, a quarter-break, half-break or full break. All that matters is you make a conscious choice based on what works for you (like if you’re doing a job interview in a creative field and your half-break trousers expose a little sock to show off your personality).


Buying Your First Suit: Factor #2 ? Function

You’re buying a suit for the first time. So not only does it have to fit you properly…it also has to represent you in the best possible light before you even start talking. That means having a solid grasp of the purpose behind your suit.

Is it for a job interview? Will you be wearing it to a career fair hosted by your college? Or a lunch with your uncle’s friend who works for a company you want to intern in? Whatever your need is…your aim is to have a suit that fulfills it. A suit that displays your seriousness, trustworthiness, and readiness to work.


Suit Color & Pattern

I’d personally recommend that you stick to a classic and conservative business suit. It’s the choice that’s least likely to fail for your very first suit. You want it to be a solid navy or charcoal gray because these colors go with the widest variety of shirts and shoes.

They’re perfect if you want to look presentable but not flashy or attention-seeking. And you’ll have no trouble adding a bright-colored tie or pocket square to further sharpen your style while wearing either color.

  • Choose charcoal gray if you’re a guy who looks obviously young (so that you’ll come off as more mature)
  • Choose navy if you’re an older guy who could benefit from appearing younger

How about a navy or charcoal gray suit with a small pattern? The lines are sort of blurred here because this can be advantageous for a job interview ? when you’re trying to stand out and be well-remembered. It’s okay for a first suit but be careful about wearing it regularly. It’s not going to be as interchangeable as a solid suit…and not everyone will view it as conservative enough for the workplace.

You’ll want to avoid the pinstripe suit for now. It’s the kind of suit that means business and is quite memorable. But it’s a more appropriate choice when you’ve had time to establish yourself in a company or profession. It’s not ideal for a job interview or first day at work.

Suit Pockets

A standard suit jacket has three pockets: a breast pocket on the upper left-hand side plus two flap pockets at the bottom on either side of the front. That’s it. Don’t buy a suit if the jacket has any additional casual pockets like:

  • A ticket pocket or extra pocket at the front bottom (left- or right-hand side)
  • Patch pockets (sewn on top of the jacket; predominantly found on sports jackets)


Suit Buttons

You’ve got to put some thought into a choice between the 3-button suit jacket and 2-button suit jacket. Here’s how they differ from each other:

  • The 3-button jacket is great if you’re in shape and you want something more formal (note that you can button the top two buttons ? the first one is optional while the middle one is a must; the lowest button should never be buttoned)
  • The 2-button jacket is better if you have an average build since the “V” formation goes down lower than the 3-button jacket (which can match your proportions more easily)

As for the actual material for the buttons ? avoid types made of gold, brass or mother of pearl. They create too much contrast with the fabric…and that might warrant unnecessary attention.

Suit Lapel

Go with the notch lapel since it’s the classic type (and also the most common) that will simply work for a first suit. The problem with another style like the peak lapel is it appears too formal (which is why it’s mostly used for double-breasted jackets) and creates more of a closed look.

Back Of The Suit Jacket

Your main options for the back of the jacket are no vent, the single vent, and the double vent. I would suggest the double vent every time. Why? Because they end up giving you the most flattering silhouette, especially while you’re walking. The single vent tends to expose your backside when you put your hand in your pocket (although it’s more commonly used and cheaper to manufacture) whereas jackets without vents are primarily the slim-fit kind made in Italy.


buy-suit-jacket-trousers-fabricBuying Your First Suit: Factor #3 ? Fabric

Is fabric that big of a deal? In terms of hierarchy, this one probably falls below fit and function. But that doesn’t mean it’s useless knowing the different types of suit fabric.

A good suit shouldn’t just have all the right features and complement your body shape. It should look and feel like it’s produced from a high-quality fabric and stitching.

You don’t necessarily want it expensive…but reasonably priced…and not a “cheapskate” or second-rate material. That’s going to help you gain people’s respect right away.

Here are some of the fabrics to pick from:

  • Wool: this comprises the majority of fabrics for suits. It’s easy to spin and weave wool into many different cloth types ? ranging from heavy and wiry tweeds to light and fine-napped tropical suits.
  • Cotton: it makes for an excellent suit if the fabric is carefully selected. So if you’ve got a tight budget, consider getting a high-quality cotton suit instead of an average-quality wool suit for the same price ? since the cotton suit will have more value for money.
  • Silk: this material feels lighter and more comfortable than a water-absorbing cotton or heavier wool. It’s more popular with businessmen in Asia and the Middle East (regions where silk is rather abundant).
  • Linen: it’s more expensive but has the ability to be woven loosely for a super light, breezy fabric. The downside is it tends to billow instead of draping close to the body.
  • Artificial Fibers/Synthetics


buy-first-suit-get-good-tailorBuying Your First Suit: Factor #4 ? Hiring A Good Tailor

You can read and reread everything on the fit, fabric, and function of suits…but that’s actually just 70% of the work. You can memorize the rules and understand the terms…but it’s not you who’s making the suit with your own hands. You’ll need to trust in a good tailor for that.

How important is a tailor? Skilled and reputed tailors can bring in a suit about two inches to match your torso. They won’t have a problem adjusting the collar fit ? or hemming the trousers according to the break you need. Any measurements you have which aren’t on off-the-rack suits, they can manage.

So make sure to communicate well with your tailor the day you meet them. Even the most experienced tailors aren’t people you just show up and ask to make something. They need guidance and details. Two-way communication is the key to getting the process right ? to perfecting your first suit and other suits in the future.


buy-first-suit-dress-shirt-whiteBuying Your First Suit: Factor #5 ? Choice Of Dress Shirt

Of course, wearing your first suit entails more than just the jacket and trousers. Everything else you’ll be putting on that day counts. Even the dress shirt ? no matter how little of it can be seen.

Read the criteria for a good dress shirt below (even if you’ve already got your own shirts). It’s all about following what’s been proven to work.

Dress Shirt: Color & Pattern

You’ll want to play it safe for your first suit ensemble. Let the color be either white or light blue for your first ten dress shirts. Why? Because these two are generally accepted as very formal shirt colors. They can also be paired with a wide range of ties and other accessories.

Think that’s too boring? Feel free to mix it up when it comes to the patterns of your light blue shirts. A herringbone and a set of repeating small white dots are some options. Neither of those types would steal much attention from the actual suit you’re wearing ? unlike bright-colored or floral patterns (which are better for those already working in creative industries).

Dress Shirt: Collar

Whether you choose a spread collar or point collar, the real task is checking that it fits you well. This is one detail that doesn’t have to be 100% correct since your jacket will cover it up. But the more spread-out the collar is…the more it’ll help to use a large necktie knot. There should also be no buttons on the collar points (which normally indicate the shirt is casual).

Dress Shirt: Cuffs

Your best bet is to select barrel cuffs ? the kind that has a single button and folds over on itself  ? for the dress shirt. That’s simply because the double cuff (a.k.a. French cuffs) will be more of a hassle. You’ll need cufflinks to hold them together and cufflinks tend to be quite showy.

Dress Shirt: Pockets

There’s no specific rule about pocket vs. no pocket for the shirt. It’s pretty much your call to make.


Buying Your First Suit: Factor #6 ? Choice Of Necktie

Compared to the rest of the clothing items, you’ll have a lot of freedom choosing your necktie. There’s so much variety available but I’d advise you to stick with darker conservative colors (burgundy, purple, dark blues) with or without repetitive small patterns.

Ties with stripes are more casual but they can pass for interview attire. Just avoid wearing military stripes, regimental ties, ties made of a distinct woven material, floral and paisley patterns, and bold patterns. Save those for when you’ve been working with the company for over a year.


Buying Your First Suit: Factor #7 ? Choice Of Pocket Square

Your best bet for a pocket square is something simple and subtle…but still elegant. That’s precisely what you’ll get out of a cotton or linen pocket square in a presidential fold. Start with a solid white. You can try changing the color later on so it can pop out more or match your necktie.


chart-matching-suit-color-with-shoe-colorBuying Your First Suit: Factor #8 ? Dress Shoes & Socks

Every suit needs the right dress shoes and socks to partner with. You don’t just wear them to look complete…but to look completely sharp.

If your shoes and socks don’t have the same level of style as your suit…that can be an eyesore. Your time and efforts go to waste if the guy who’s interviewing you gets distracted by your decision to wear red basketball shoes plus white sports socks ? instead of hearing your answers.

So limit your choices to black, dark brown, and oxblood dress shoes which are closed-laced (where the front of the shoe is fixed on top of the back part). There’s ideally no brouging or stitching except for brouging along the cap toe. That’s the formula of conservative leather footwear.

Your socks don’t require as much thinking. Just stay away from anything too bright or faded or with holes. Black, dark green or maroon socks work just fine. But if you’re interviewing for a not-so-conservative company in a not-so-strict office environment…you can afford to show a little more personality with a color like tan or red. That won’t be too risky anyway.



There you have it. All that info should suffice for any first-timer to the game of suiting up. Yes ? the whole thing is sort of a game. You’ve got rules to follow, a number of tasks to accomplish…and you either win or lose.

Who’s your opponent? Anyone in the real world with some power to influence your professional life (or even your personal life). Whether it’s a job interview, a company-wide event or a blind date at a fancy restaurant…first impressions are everything. Your suit can gain people’s favor or drive them away in a span of seconds. So make them like you ? and win.

You know what else you can do to nail your first suit? Buy a quality Vincero watch. This company makes amazing watches with bold designs for a fraction of the price of other high-end brands. 

Whether you need to suit up or go casual for a dinner with colleagues…Vincero gives your outfit an extra dose of style. Their watch designs include Chrono, Kairos, Bellwether, Marble & Automatic collections.

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Style Podcast #92: What to do When Dressing Sharp Backfires


We all know that people judge you by your appearance, and that?s why we always aspire to be the best-dressed guy in the room.

Unfortunately those judgments of your appearance can also come with a downfall. People may look at you and think you?re a white collar snob. It may cause problems at work with your boss, or even at home with your family.

The good news is there are always ways to diffuse these situations. There are things you can say and do that will make everything right.

Download this episode today to hear how you can get out of problems that dressing to sharp can cause.

Click here to listen on iTunes ? Podcast #92: What to do When Dressing Sharp Backfires
Click here to listen on Soundcloud ? Podcast #92: What to do When Dressing Sharp Backfires
Click here to listen on Stitcher ? Podcast #92: What to do When Dressing Sharp Backfires

5 Times Dressing Sharp May be a Problem:

  1. When you dress better than your friends.
  2. You?re dressing rich and successful when you?re not.
  3. Dressing better than your boss.
  4. When your blue collar dad thinks you dress like a white collar snob.
  5. Dressing up may make you a target for thieves


  • Dressing sharp doesn?t always work out.
  • Make sure your clothes send the message you want.
  • Sometimes people get upset if you make them think about their image
  • You are not your thoughts, you are your wisdom.
  • Dress to be the man you want to be, not the man you are today.
  • There will always be a gap between you and where you want to be.
  • Make sure you communicate and work hard to make your boss look good.
  • Shirts were died Indigo to hide stains.
  • Explain that your suit is your uniform.
  • If you commute to work, you may not want to wear your nicest watch.
  • Invest in outerwear if you commute, and don?t carry valuable things.

Mindset Takeaway:

It?s great to be the best-dressed guy in the room, but you have to be smart about it.


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How To Clean & Condition Leather Boots | Ultimate Guide To Boot Care

It’s a cold and rainy Monday morning.stop-leather-boot-damage

You put on your suit & tie, your overcoat.

Oh…how about those boots at the bottom of the rack?

You’re about to wear them…but you notice:


Faded leather.

Then you realize you bought this expensive pair last month *groan*

Needless to say you feel upset ? worse than the weather itself.

The lesson here? Learn how to care for your leather boots (since every stylish man needs a pair for himself).

It’s not just flicking away dirt with an old brush. You have to polish, condition, and properly clean your boots from time to time.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about those things. That’s what this article is for.


Click Here To Watch The Video ? How To Care For Leather Boots

Click Here To Watch The Video ? Polishing A Men’s Dress Boot


Care For Leather Boots: Part 1 ? Cleaning

Boots ? like other shoes ? serve as the base of your outfit. They’re subject to the most abuse among all clothing items. They constantly strike the ground making contact with dirt, snow, salt, grime, and greasy substances. So there’s no denying how important it is to clean them regularly.


Materials for Cleaning

  • Piece of old cloth
  • Horsehair brush
  • Slightly damp rag
  • Saddle soap

The first step is to remove the laces. That makes it easier to clean and condition the boots. Then wash the laces in soapy water to get rid of dirt and grime ? or get new ones if you notice they’re old or worn out.

Place the boots on an old piece of cloth that’s flattened on a table. Use a horsehair brush to give the leather some light buffing. The goal here is removing any loose dirt or salt particles which can damage the leather eventually. Ideally, you should give your boots a quick brush after each time you wear them outside. But a minimum of once a week is enough.


Get the damp rag and rub it over your saddle soap to create a light lather. Then rub the lather over the boots, especially over areas that need extra scrubbing. But take note you don’t have to do this every time you clean ? only for those really stubborn stains.

Let the boots air dry for 10 minutes. Then expect them to look good as new afterward.


Care For Leather Boots: Part 2 ? Conditioning

Dirt isn’t actually the biggest problem for your leather boots. Their true kryptonite? Dry, unconditioned leather. When the boots are affected by water damage (as in natural moisture escapes the leather) they dry out. The fibrous interweave will start to weaken and visible cracks form. Sadly, there’s no way to salvage them once that happens.


So prevention is key. By always keeping the leather supple, healthy and resistant to water penetration…you’ll avoid the tragedy of having a $250 pair of winter boots break down weeks after buying them.

That means you should also condition leather shoes/boots the day you buy them. Don’t expect them to come out of the box well-conditioned. The leather could’ve been left inside a storage room ? deprived of oil and moisture ? for months.

Materials for Conditioning


Start by giving the boots a quick rub-down with one dry rag. This is to take off any remaining dirt or particles clinging to the leather.

Then grab your applicator brush. Use it to apply your leather conditioner/balm to a small spot ? testing to see that it doesn’t drastically affect the color of the leather. Note that this substance can darken the leather very slightly (especially for the first few days).

So if you have a light-colored boot or an exotic leather material, do a spot-test somewhere hidden like along the tongue area. Try waiting a couple of hours before checking the result. If the darkening isn’t too bad…this is a product that’ll work fine.


Now pour the conditioner/balm onto the second rag (best if it’s made of chamois or terrycloth) and rub it on the leather. Use circular motions without pushing down hard ? going back and forth along each boot. You want to get the product in all crevices and creases.

Use as much product as the leather needs. If your boots seem dried out and you haven’t treated them in a while…do 2-3 applications. Boots in great shape will be needing just a quick rub all over. Observe when the product stops soaking in and the leather starts to get damp. That?s when you know the job is done.

Wipe off any excess product and let boots dry for 20 minutes. Once they?ve rested for about 12 hours, give them a rub with another dry rag to absorb any excess oils and moisture.

Conditioning should be done quite often. I’d suggest once every 3 months if you live in a temperate climate ? and once a month if you wear the boots every day or live in a dry, hot climate.


Care For Leather Boots: Part 3 ? Polishing/Shining

Polishing your boots (after conditioning) isn’t necessary. But it gives your leather boots more smoothness overall. While you don’t have to consider polishing rugged boots…you’d probably like some more shine for a pair of elegant dress boots. Smoother and shinier is more impressive.

Materials for Polishing

  • Piece of old cloth (to lay the boots over)
  • Either a shoe cream polish or wax-based polish (there are differences between the two which you’ll want to take note of)
  • Small applicator brush
  • Soft clean rag
  • Clean horsehair brush (NOT the one you used for removing dirt)


Steps to applying cream polish:

  1. Check that you’ve got a cream with a color that matches the leather.
  2. Use the applicator brush to work the cream evenly over the entire boot, and the same for the other boot. Start off with a small amount then add more if needed.
  3. End with a quick buffing using the horsehair brush.
  4. Dry the boots for 15 minutes.
  5. The result ? cream polish doesn’t provide as much shine as wax-based polish but adds extra moisture and nourishment. It’ll also help bring back the natural color of your boots when the leather starts to fade.


Steps to applying wax-based polish:

  1. Wrap the soft rag around two fingers and dip them into the wax.
  2. Apply the polish onto the leather using small, circular motions. Keep working until you coat the entire boot.
  3. Leave that leather boot aside and do the same for the other.
  4. Do a quick buffing using the horsehair brush ? and repeat this once or twice to get a really nice shine.
  5. The wax-based polish must be the final layer when you’re polishing your boots. Don’t attempt to put cream polish over it.
  6. The result ? wax-based polish adds shine and protects your boots against salt or water. It also tends to lock the leather conditioner in so you can extend the time that passes before re-applying it. It doesn’t moisturize the leather…but don’t be concerned if you’ve got a reliable conditioner.

For polishing, I’d say you can do a quick polish once a day (if you wear the boots daily) or polish thoroughly once a week (following either of the 2 methods step-by-step).


Care For Leather Boots: Part 4 ? Waterproofing

In general, leather boots with a good quality are water-resistant. So you just have to be consistent with conditioning your boots before they get wet or exposed to the elements outside.


If you insist on taking extra measures to waterproof…

A. Use a wax-based polish after conditioning
B. Apply a waterproof spray over the leather but make it’s the last thing you put

But what happens if your leather boots get really wet despite the protective substance? First ? do NOT leave them next to a fire or other type of heat source. High heat can cause the leather to dry too quickly and crack. The best solution is to let your boots air dry at room temperature. That’s all there is to it.


Good-Looking Leather Boots Can Increase Your Stylishness

There are so many positive things I can say about leather boots: functional, masculine, a great way to enhance your casual wardrobe, easy to stand out with. You can be strolling around the park or walking to your office on a chilly day…when everybody’s throwing things on just to keep warm…but you look fantastic.

Do unpleasant weather conditions mean you must compromise style? Nope. The simplest details on small parts of your outfit are all that need leveling-up. Don’t underestimate the attention you’ll steal…or the confidence you’ll gain…by wearing nice boots outside of the summer.

I believe clean and well-conditioned leather boots should be in every man’s wardrobe. Why? Because whenever you’ve got them on…you’re never a zero style-wise.

5 Tips For Breaking The Rules The RIGHT Way | How To Wear A Suit Without A Tie

You get an invitation.wear-suit-without-tie

A friend’s wedding in the middle of summer…

An outdoor venue…

The dress code is casual.

So you’re thinking a tan-colored suit, a pair of brown monk straps…

Wait…should you wear a necktie?

On one hand…it’s not a formal or business event. So you can go tieless.

Then again…what if people think you’re lazy and inept? Or they say you’re trying too hard to look edgy?

Uh-oh…this is a tough decision.

But I’ll make it easy for you:

The suit-without-a-tie works if you make it STYLISH…if people see you and think “Looking good!” instead of “Where’s your tie?”

This article gives you 5 tips on how to accomplish that.


Click here to watch the video – How To Wear A Suit Without A Tie And Look AWESOME

Click here to watch the video – How To Wear A Suit Without A Tie And Look AWESOME


suit-tie-appropriate-yes-noFirst…Is It An Appropriate Time To Wear A Suit & No Tie?

This is the question you want to ask before doing anything. Why? There’s a time and there’s a place for everything…including the different ways a man can dress.

Let’s say you’re fresh out of law school. You have a great MBE score, great recommendation letters, and now you’re applying to a well-respected law firm. Would you NOT wear a tie with your suit to your interview? It just seems…wrong.

Wear a suit & necktie to any formal/professional setting. Are those settings always clearly defined? No, but think carefully about the occasion (you definitely shouldn’t go tieless if it’s a meeting with shareholders, investors or high-profile clients). Then consider the company culture. Consider your professional image.

If you’re a doctor, lawyer or banker in a bustling big city…it’s almost taboo to ditch the tie for work. A guy who sells neckties at Bergdorf Goodman confirms that. He says a couple of years ago, some New York offices tried making their dress codes more casual but the trend didn’t last. The khakis-and-polo combo that some men tried didn’t help things. So they went back to the good old suit and dress shirt with a tie. The dress codes weren’t broken and needed no fixing.

Certain places also require a suit and tie to match their aesthetics. Fancy restaurants and classical music venues would require (or men assume they’d need) to dress up like this. Make sure you’ve done your research before going to those places.

Anywhere else ? you can opt to go tieless. This is where it gets interesting. Think of events like cocktail parties, the opening day of an art gallery, and a casual summer wedding outdoors. Those are times you can bend the rules…with stylishness.

Certain jobs (those that have you sit behind a desk without facing customers) also permit a tieless suit. Warm weather generally makes it more acceptable. But regardless, the real challenge is making this outfit look sharp ? not sloppy. Not like something you just threw on because you were running late.

Up to the challenge? Then follow these 5 tips on how to rock a suit with no tie…


suit-no-tie-tip-1Tieless Suit Tip #1 ? Wear A Casual Suit or Shirt

The main “booby trap” with going tieless is you might come off as lazy because the outfit looks incomplete. Especially if you’ve got a formal shirt and suit/jacket.

That’s why you want a lighter color for the suit fabric (forget navy and charcoal gray). See if you can get something less structured or with slimmer notch lapels. The goal is to for the jacket to stand out more…and make the absence of a necktie less obvious.

Some good options for dress shirt fabric are the classic Oxford and button-downs made of denim, chambray or patterned fabric. The more contrast it has with the jacket (as in complementary colors) the better the result.


suit-no-tie-tip-2Tieless Suit Tip #2 ? Get The Suit/Jacket Tailored

Fit becomes even more important in this case. If you show everyone how amazing your body looks ? and they’re wondering if it’s a special jacket that doesn’t go with a necktie ? then you’ve aced the test.

There’s no better way to achieve this than by finding a good tailor. The right tailor will figure out the proper fit for your jacket on the sides, width, sleeves, and shoulders.

They’ll make sure the waistband of the pants is correct and the legs don’t bunch up over the shoes. The trend these days is to expose a little of the socks when you’re standing…so pay attention to your socks too.

Take note there’s a difference between suits and blazers/sports coats. A suit comprises both a jacket and trousers (made from the same fabric). You’re free to have a blazer or sports coat tailored and wear it without a tie. But apply the same stuff in tip #1.


suit-no-tie-tip-3Tieless Suit Tip #3 ? Show A Great-Looking Collar

If there’s one area to be most conscious of…it’s the collar of your shirt. The collar replaces the tie in terms of framing your face. It adds definition to your neckline and chin.

How do you get a collar that looks sharp even when 1-2 buttons are down? The secret lies in the placket (the vertical panel that contains the buttons and holes). The problem though is a typical placket isn’t strong enough against the weight of the collar. This causes a flimsy, gaping collar…which can be an eyesore to some people. This article on strong shirt plackets and collars provides the info to solve the issue.

After dealing with the placket ? focus on the collar itself. Steady it using a set of metal, plastic or magnetic collar stays. Remember to iron the collar well after washing the shirt. It also helps to add spray starch before ironing to give the collar more rigor.


suit-no-tie-buttons-downTieless Suit Tip #4 ? Unbutton 1 or 2 Shirt Buttons

Ditching the tie means ditching the buttoned-up look. That way it’ll seem less like something’s missing at the neck.

Ideally, you have the jacket unbuttoned completely but you can leave just one button on. The real task is deciding whether to unbutton 1 or 2 buttons of your shirt.

If you unbutton 2 ? it creates a more daring, casual appearance. But don’t forget your environment, audience, and the occasion. At times 2 might be too arbitrary and 1 would be better.

Some important reminders when you wear your shirt unbuttoned:

  • Keep your undershirt hidden ? The undershirt is supposed to insulate you, absorb moisture and help smooth the torso…but an undershirt shouldn’t be seen beneath your dress shirt. So go for a V-neck type instead of a crew neck.
  • Avoid showing chest hair ? For guys with chest hair, I recommend you trim it when it starts getting thick or out of control (no need to shave completely). You want to maintain a clean, polished look even when your neckline is exposed.


suit-no-tie-use-pocket-squareTieless Suit Tip #5 ? Make Use Of Accessories

This last one teaches you to work on your style as a whole. Since the necktie is MIA…all other accessories will draw more attention than usual. Don’t neglect them.

  • Pocket square: Use a light-colored pocket square and make a nice pocket square fold. Then place it in your pocket with ¼-½ of an inch of fabric exposed. Simple but powerful.
  • Lapel pin: This modern accessory brings in more uniqueness. Just make sure the pin isn?t too flashy that it distracts from everything else.
  • Watch: You’ll want a watch that matches your shoes and belt (particularly to keep the color of the leather band consistent with those items).
  • Bracelet: Some guys wear traditional metal bracelets while others have gone for more modern types like Shamballa or beaded bracelets. Try getting one that matches the other metals you wear.
  • Cufflinks: Cufflinks allow you to stand out in a subtle way. They’re technically male jewelry yet very functional…so there’s no shame in buying ones that complement your suit.


In the end, the tieless suit isn’t a bad choice at all. It’s true that we’re used to seeing the suit jacket and necktie go hand in hand…the same way people like a sandwich with peanut butter and jelly. But have you ever tried a sandwich with just the peanut butter and no jelly? If you have…then you should know it’s pretty good too.

So don’t be afraid to go tieless for your next social event. All the tips I’ve mentioned will help you sell the look ? and convince people it’s a deliberate style choice that really, really works. And there’s one more rule you ought to follow: be confident! Own your individual style with pure confidence…because that makes the clothing you wear even more attractive.


Are you keen on learning more about style? How to maximize confidence wherever you go, whatever you’re wearing? Or do you need a little help to launch a business online? Then you’d love to join Menfluential 2018.

This 2-day conference will be in Atlanta, Georgia in February and it’s not just a series of lectures. You’ll meet some of today’s most stylish men and influential figures ? Aaron Marino, Sven Raphael Schneider, Ryan Masters & others ? and bond with them the whole time. So you don’t want to miss this great event (LIMITED tickets available).

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Style Podcast #91: How to Wear a Suit Without a Tie


Have you ever wanted to wear a suit without a tie, but you were worried it would make you look sloppy?

The solution isn?t as complicated as you may think think. Making sure your choice is intentional is pretty simple, and I?ll give you 5 easy tips to make sure everyone you?re around knows you made the choice with purpose.

I do want to let you know, though, that the tieless suit isn?t for every event. Make sure you know what you?re getting into before you head out the door. Some events may require you to wear a tie, or dress up a bit more.

At certain events, like a black tie affair, nothing will help save you from looking like a mess. So definitely take the time to research where you are going before you decide to leave your tie in the closet.

Download this episode today to learn how you can rock a suit without a tie, and still look like the sharpest dressed guy in the room with confidence.

Click here to listen on iTunes ? Podcast #91: How to Wear a Suit Without a Tie
Click here to listen on Soundcloud ? Podcast #91: How to Wear a Suit Without a Tie
Click here to listen on Stitcher ? Podcast #91: How to Wear a Suit Without a Tie

5 Tips to Making a Tieless Suit Intentional:

  1. Wear a casual suit
  2. Make sure your shirt is up to the task
  3. The right undershirt
  4. Add a pocket square
  5. Choose the right shoes


  • You need to know the dress code before showing up.
  • Casual suits are generally lighter colored and have patterns.
  • A suit, by definition, is a jacket and trousers made from the same material.
  • Make sure your shirt buttons don?t rely on a tie bringing it together.
  • Darker colors are not as casual.
  • Wear a V-Neck when possible.
  • Crew neck shirts are fine for those with ?Chewbacca? chest hair.
  • Too much chest hair can be distracting.
  • Pocket Square gives a little more pop.
  • Adding the pocket square lets people know you didn?t forget the tie
  • You can wear more casual shoes, like suede.

Mindset Takeaway:

Make sure you are sending the message that you did not forget to wear a tie.


The Personal Image Blueprint

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The 5 Resolutions You Need For An Amazing 2018 | The Most Important Promises To KEEP For Yourself?

You don’t want ordinary resolutions. You’re not an ordinary

You won’t be satisfied with simply losing a few pounds.

You want the BEST – the perfect resolutions –

The changes that will pay the BIG dividends.

You want to get the most that you can out of life.

The more passionate you are about becoming your best self, the harder it can be to pick your resolutions. There are so many things that you want to perfect, how do you choose the RIGHT ones to focus on?

The most important resolutions might be ones you haven’t even considered. You won’t find them on many lists out there. But these 5 changes will lay the vital foundations for every other change you want to make in your life.


Click here to watch the video – The New Years Resolutions You Need For A Better 2018

Click here to watch the video – The New Years Resolutions You Need For A Better 2018


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better-understand-your-body1: Better Understand Your Body

Get a yearly exam at the doctor, go to the dentist every 6 months, track your sleep every night.

Keep a record of this data to get an idea of your baseline – your average heart rate, your average blood pressure, your average sleep habits. Watch for trends and changes in these averages. Then if you start thinking, ‘Why do I feel depressed or low on energy?’ you have a better chance of working out why.

For instance, my dentist told me I was grinding my teeth when I was sleeping. Because I was getting regular check-ups, I knew this wasn?t normal. I looked at my data and figured out it was because I was under stress at work and I?d stopped exercising. When I started exercising again and eating a bit better, I stopped grinding my teeth.

When you understand your body better, you can understand how to take better care of it.


antonio-centeno-and-family#2. Get Life Insurance

Do you have children? Are you married? Do you have a business? Have you cosigned on loans? Then you need life insurance.

I have quite a bit of life insurance because if I die unexpectedly, I want my four children to be able to go to college. I don?t want my wife to have to worry about finances when she?s just lost her husband. I want her to remember me as a great provider who thought ahead and looked out for his family.

I?m shocked that so many people don?t have the common sense to get life insurance when it?s so affordable.


#3. Build Better Relationships

‘Women get help – men, we die.’ That saying?s funny, but it?s also sadly true. We stop building relationships after college.

You are the average of the people you surround yourself with. Surround yourself with people who lift you up.

So how to actually build these better relationships? Systemize it. If you?re in business and you want to build relationships with peers in your industry, set up a mastermind at a set time and place. If you?re at university, set up a study group. It could be physical or virtual.

I have a system for staying in touch with my friends. Whenever I?m driving for more than 30 minutes, I go through my phone and call people. If they?re out I leave them a message and they?ll call me back.


money-plant#4. Gamify Your Finances

Make it fun to save and earn money, so you can build up a nest egg that gives you options. People who live paycheck to paycheck can?t do things like quitting their job to take a chance on a lower-paying job that has more potential.

Key #1 to gamifying your finances is to be able to see progress. It doesn’t have to be high tech. I’ve got a friend who?s got a 5-gallon jug, and every time he walks in the door he drops his pocket change in there. I know other people who enjoy writing payments down on a board in their kitchen, so they can see how much they?ve paid off.

I prefer to do it on my phone. There are tons of apps that will connect to your financial institution – in fact, your financial institution probably has their own – that you can use to track and to see your loans getting paid off or your savings getting bigger.

Key #2 is to make it simple and automatic, so you?ll stick with it because it?s no effort. When you can see progress AND it?s easy to keep going, your money will start building up.


saying-no-at-work#5. Set Boundaries

First, work out where your boundaries are now. Most people don’t even know. And then make a decision – do you want to open them up, to say yes to more, or do you want to bring them in and say yes to less? I find most people want to bring them in, because they’ve been saying yes to almost everything and they’re stressed and overwhelmed.

I’ve been bringing my boundaries in – I?ve decided that I?ll turn down any opportunity where I can?t take my family with me. I?ve been saying no to business opportunities in Canada, in South Africa, and all over the world, because my kids are young and it?s more important to me to spend time going with my son to the gym, going with my daughter to the ice-skating rink, and having coffee with my wife.

Another of my boundaries is that if I can?t say ?hell yeah!? to something, I?ll say no. That makes it easy for me to cut through a lot of things. If you?ve been pulled into things that you?re lukewarm about and don?t have time for, make sure you know your boundaries and set them.


What New Year’s resolution are you going to commit to in 2018? What change are you going to make to create the life you want for yourself and your family?


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What?s In My Dopp Kit? | Men?s Travel Grooming Essentials

What’s the secret to looking put together…dopp-kit-essentials

no matter where you are or what’s happening?


That means having your toolkit on hand.

How do I do it?

Glad you asked.

Today we’ll be discussing the fine tradition of the Dopp kit, how to condense the MOST essential grooming into the smallest space…

and how to use your Dopp kit as a personal style statement in itself.


Click here to watch the video – Whats In My Dopp Kit

Click here to watch the video – Essential Travel Grooming For Men

This article was brought to you by Dollar Shave Club (DSC), who make and deliver amazing razors and a great selection of high-quality grooming products.

DSC is dedicated to helping men look and feel their best without paying an arm and a leg. Click here to check out Dollar Shave Club.


leather-dopp-kitDopp Kit Meaning

A Dopp kit, in its original definition, meant a leather bag that held a man’s grooming kit while traveling. It’s named after Charles Doppelt, who invented the concept in 1919. They became popular after he supplied millions to the US Army during WWII.

Today a Dopp kit doesn’t have to be leather – you can get a nylon wash bag for a few dollars. But why not make it a style statement? Leather still has a kind of class that other options don’t provide, and can last long enough to become an heirloom.

When you’re putting it to everyday use for overnights or the gym, your Dopp kit should be functional enough to help streamline your life. When you’re traveling with others, an attractive, well-packed Dopp kit says a lot about who you are and how you take control of your life.


What To Put In A Dopp Kit

A lot of guys stuff everything into their Dopp kits. I prefer to keep it to the bare essentials. Since I travel a lot, I’ve got this down to a science.


-dollar-shave-club-razor-blue#1. Razor And Spare Cartridges

I shave the old-fashioned way at home, but have you tried bringing a straight razor on an airplane? For travel, you can’t beat a cartridge razor.

How long will you be traveling for? One cartridge should last you a week or more, but always bring at least one spare. Especially if you’re on a business trip, you don’t want to be caught with patchy stubble.

Another option is disposable razors, but they give an inferior shave. Overall, you’ll spend less time and money if you invest in a cartridge razor.


#2. Travel Shaving Cream

You CAN use shave soap and a mug of water with a cartridge razor if you really want to. But it’s an extra hassle to carry a mug with you or bank on finding one at your destination.

A mini tube or bottle of an air-travel-friendly gel should get the job done (and if you are flying, check the amount of liquids you’re allowed to bring on the flight).

If you’re going somewhere cold or windy, make sure your travel shaving cream or gel is a moisturizing one that will replace the oils of your skin as the weather depletes them.


#3. Shampoo And Body Wash 2-in-1

This one bottle is all I need in the shower – it saves room in the kit. You might have preferred brands of each to use at home, but a little compromise goes a long way towards hassle-free traveling.

One more thing. You know the pressure changes that make your ears pop when you’re flying? They can make the bottles in your Dopp kit pop too. Before packing, make sure you squeeze the air out of all your bottles (until the liquid is almost coming out) to avoid a mess.


aftershave-winter-skin#4. Travel Sized Aftershave

Check how big a bottle you’re allowed to bring, and decant your aftershave into a smaller one if needed.

Pick the right scent for the climate you’re traveling to. You don’t want to smell like a spicy pine forest on the beach.

Again, if you’re going somewhere cold or windy, keep your skin in mind. Aftershave balm might be better than an astringent.


#5. Bringing Deodorant On A Plane

You definitely need this when you’re traveling – especially on a hot stuffy plane. Stick deodorant is the easiest to fly with since generally there are no rules or size restrictions on it.

However, this is NOT the time to try out a new deodorant just because it’s a stick. Travel comes with enough variables, and the only thing worse than having an annoying skin reaction or embarrassing body odor is having it on a plane.


#6. Best Men’s Fragrances For Travel

If fragrance ISN’T a grooming essential for you, you might want to check out the benefits of wearing cologne. Again, if you’re flying, check how much liquid you can bring and decant your cologne if needed. You don’t want to have to leave anything behind, especially something that’s such an important part of your first impression.

Otherwise: light, citrusy and aquatic scents are best for hot climates; spices, woods and incense for cold ones. If you’re traveling through all kinds of climates grab an ‘all-seasons’ fragrance like Versace Eros or Aqua di Gio Profumo.


#7. Travel Shaving Brush

A travel brush comes with its own container to protect the brush (and protect the inside of your Dopp kit from wet badger bristles.) Good ones are vented to keep the brush from going musty. Many are collapsible, which saves precious space.


#8. Travel Toothbrush And Toothpaste

It’s cheap and easy to keep a spare toothbrush and toothpaste in your Dopp kit instead of packing your main one whenever you go away. A travel toothbrush is a good call too (same deal – collapsible, comes with a case.)


mens-short-hairstyle-haircut#9. Hair product – Fiber

If your hair tends to stick out, fiber is a strong pliable product that can make it manageable. It feels like a thick dry wax – before you can put it in your hair, you have to work it into your palms so the fiber ?relaxes? and starts to spread.

It gives you volume and texture with a matte finish, but makes it hard to run your fingers through your hair. Not recommended for hair over 3 inches unless you love tangles, but great for guys with classic short haircuts who want to keep them looking neat.


What’s NOT In My Dopp Kit – And WHY?

  • Nose Trimmers – Unnecessary. I trim nose hair at home once a week.
  • Face Wash – I use this at home in the evening, but I want to keep my Dopp kit lightweight.
  • Bar Of Soap And Shampoo – I use one bottle for everything.
  • Body Lotion – Again, left out to keep it lightweight.

These items didn’t make the cut because I’m focused on keeping it essential. Your list of ‘maybe’ items could be different from mine, but you can follow the same rule: If in doubt, leave it out. Would you rather scrabble around in a cluttered bag, or calmly take out the one perfect thing from your stylishly simple kit?


One thing I WON’T be leaving out – my Dollar Shave Club razors. Curious about why I love them? For a limited time, you can try DSC?s ?Sh*t, Shower, Shave? Starter Set for only $5. (After that, replacement cartridges are just a few bucks a month. )

You get their Executive Razor, a full cassette of cartridges, and samples of their popular Shave Butter, Body Wash, and One Wipe Charlies Butt Wipes… their video on those will make you laugh. Click here to visit Dollar Shave Club.

Style Podcast #90: 5 New Years Resolution to Make 2018 the Best Year EVER


It?s that time again. It always comes so fast, and each year we make resolutions that don?t hold up.

A lot of times they aren?t as beneficial as you would expect them to be, or are such short term goals that they don?t really help the rest of the year.

On this episode of the Real Men Real Style Podcast I wanted to give you resolution ideas that will set you up for success. Not just for 2018, but for the rest of your life.

Take the time to analyze these 5 resolutions, and you?ll find they are a real game changer in all areas.

Download this episode today to learn how you can make 2018 the best year of your life.

Click here to listen on iTunes ? Podcast #90: 5 New Years Resolution to Make 2018 the Best Year EVER
Click here to listen on Soundcloud ? Podcast #90: 5 New Years Resolution to Make 2018 the Best Year EVER
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5 New Year?s Resolutions:

  1. Start to gamify your finances
  2. Purchase proper insurance
  3. Build better relationships
  4. Get to know your body
  5. Set boundaries


  • Create an automated finance system so you want to check it daily.
  • Find a bank that allows you to have multiple savings accounts.
  • There are ways to make more money on the side.
  • If you have high interest debt, focus on paying that off faster.
  • Most people are underinsured.
  • You don?t need insurance until you NEED it.
  • Go with credibly insurance companies to avoid the headaches.
  • You can build relationships in your down time.
  • Be the person that takes that first step.
  • Surround yourself with an uplifting community.
  • Have a detailed medical exam once a year.
  • Take care of your teeth.
  • As you get older, gum disease is more of a problem.
  • Track your sleep.

Mindset Takeaway:

New Year, New You. Time to make it count.


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